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    I’ve downloaded Bitnami as the first step to creating a child theme. I have no problem logging in and accessing the local host. No problem creating a child theme folder in TwentyTwelve but as soon as I try to save a style.css in that folder, I receive an error message:
    “you don’t have permission to save in this location contact the administrator”

    Any ideas?

    thanks! and please talk me through it as if I’m stupid b/c I’m a writer and not much of a programmer. Just learning…

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  • Did you actually create a child folder within the twentytwelve folder? The child theme should be in the wp-content/themes folder (same as the other themes).

    Also, check with that theme dev on child theme support/usage.

    Yes, my child theme folder is in the correct spot. Not sure what “check with that theme dev on child theme support/usage” means. Could you explain, please?

    Much appreciated.

    No need to check with the developer – that’s a default theme — that’s not the problem. I think he may have been confused by “downloaded Bitnami” – thinking that was a theme :). Usually, “don’t have permission” has to do with file permissions – I’m not familiar with Bitnami and not sure how you set the file permissions, but that’s where you should look.

    BTW, what kind of computer/OS are you using? If a PC, you might want to look at Instant WP – I’ve not used it but have heard it’s really easy to install and use.

    I’ll check with file permissions but Instant WP sounds good. I thought about using WampServer but that looks a bit more difficult for this newbie. I’ll report back with my impressions of Instant WP. Thanks.

    Yup, thought it was a theme…I have used WAMP for creating sites…a bit of a learning curve but once setup it is an excellent tool..

    Trying out Instant WordPress now. Very easy to download (wayyyyyy easier than WampServer for this newbie) and easy to navigate.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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