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    So I’m new to all this (and enjoying it thus far), but i seem to be stuck now. I wanted to start off by mess around with a Child Theme, as this guide explains, but i seem to be stuck.

    Here’s my problem:

    Create a directory by using FTP or whatever file management application your host provides. Put a properly formatted style.css file in it, and you have a child theme!

    In DirectAdmin; I made the directory and i put the file there with the code’s in it, just like in the guide. Yet after going to wp-admin it doesnt allow me to use/test my child theme.

    What am i doing wrong?
    How can i make it right?
    How can i edit a file (the style.css in this case) after i saved it in Directadmin, since doubleclicking the file after i saved it opens it as if its the page itself?
    Any other tips?

    Thanks for reading,



    P.S. Ive put “_blank” in the link description, why doesnt it open in a NEW window, like i want it to? Right now it seems to open in this window after i press that link..

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    I made the directory

    Where did you make it, which directory is it in?



    In DirectAdmin, i went to Files then:

    public_html, wp-content, themes.

    That’s where all my themes were, which i made a new directory called elventwelvechild. And in that directory i made a file with the codes and named it style.css.

    Pretty much like the walkthough imo, so where do i make the mistake?



    Thanks for the fast replies! Didn’t work though.

    Here’s a more detailed description of what i did.

    In DirectAdmin: installed WordPress via Installathron.
    Used the theme Twenty Eleven on my website.
    Went to public-html/wp-content/themes, and made a directory called twentyelevenchild.

    Then made a file named style.css with the following code in it:

    Theme Name: Twentyeleven Child
    Description: Child theme for the twentyeleven theme
    Author: Your name here
    Template: twentyeleven

    @import url(“../twentyeleven/style.css”);

    #site-title a {
    color: #009900;

    And the changes don’t apply…



    Do i have to make the yourTheme diroctory myself, and in it make a twentyelevenchild directory? Because the directory yourTheme isnt in the directory themes.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    yourTheme is my representation of which ever theme you’re working with.
    Is it twenty eleven theme?



    yes it is, and i also did it like the first advice you gave me: wp-content/themes/thentyeleven/twentyelevenchild and made a file in there.

    Does it have to do with the code not working, because i already used some modifications on it (header,footer and blogposts) and the theme isnt like the standard?

    Also, about the location of the directory, this guide has the childtheme directory not in the mother directory rather next to it.



    I solved the problem!

    Thank you Andrew Nevins for your time and effort. I tried again on another random theme, doing it like described on that guide, and my modifications came through.

    I can’t get my Twenty Twelve child theme to work. Since it’s such an important thing, I wish WP would simply include it for everyone since it is supposedly so easy to create.

    I’ve built several websites via handcoding, but I just can’t get my child-theme to work using this software. I’ve noticed on a lot of posts there are many people who get tripped up by this “easy” bit of file management. I’ve gone over the instructions a hundred times but still no luck. What am I not seeing?

    Anyone out there in this wilderness of CSS who can help? Is this thread still alive? Is this microphone on?

    [Moderator note: Create your own thread please]

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