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    Per your advice, I’ve finally gotten around to using a child theme to make some customizations to your already wonderful theme. 🙂 When I activate the child theme, all of the color customizations that I had set up (via the Theme–>Customize link, not by editing the CSS) revert back to the default. Is there a way to avoid this, or will I have to go back and customize them again? If I do have to customize them again, do I have to do it in the child theme CSS, or is the Customize link still available?

    Also, how can I change the color of the line separators in the right sidebar or remove them altogether? (This is a good example of why I should have been using a child theme all along–I made this change before and forgot how to do it!) If I want to remove a portion of the CSS that is in the parent theme, is there some way to do this in the child theme, or does the parent still need to be edited?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Unfortunately what happens is that WordPress sees the child theme as a new theme being activated, so any options the child theme has (although it’s using the customizer from the parent theme), are default settings. Theme options are associated with the active theme only. You could switch back, copy all the changes you made such as colours, and then when you reactivate the child theme, enter in the options you made record of.

    For the lines in the sidebars, you can grab the styles from the parent theme’s style.css file around line 1040 that look like this and add them to the child theme’s style.css file:

    /* Default module menu and list styles */
    aside ul li {
    	padding:6px 0;
    	border-bottom:1px solid #dadddf;
    aside ul li:hover,
    aside li:hover {
    	border-bottom:1px solid #ededed;

    For the footer bottom area ones, the properties are found a bit further down around line 1065.

    When you copy the above (or anything else), you only need to copy the parts that you plan to modify. So in the above example, after pasting into the child theme’s style.css, you can remove the padding and margin, but keep the border styling.

    Okay, thanks for your quick response! How about removing CSS? I had asked a question in a previous thread about getting rid of the border on images, and you said I could delete the CSS (under /*.gj-portfolio-intro-image img,*/). Is there a way to indicate some kind of null value in the child theme, or would I still have to remove the CSS from the parent?

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    You could copy those selectors/properties for the image border and add it to the child theme’s style.css and do this:

    .img-intro img,
    .img-intro-left img,
    .img-intro-right img,
    .img-intro-none img,
    .img-full-left img,
    .img-full-right img,
    .img-full-none img,
    .contact-image img,
    .entry-attachment img,
    div.wp-caption img {

    Thank you!

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