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    I have MainWP dashboard installed in a local setup, with a few child sites in the Internet.

    The problem is that it takes a longtime (up to 1 day) for the plugin’s updates to be installed in child sites.

    I would prefer that the installation of updates would be carried out at least an hour after the notification of the update into MainWP dashboard.

    Can you explain further how the auto update feature works?


    Best regards

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  • Plugin Author mainwp


    When you use the “Plugin Auto Update” feature from the moment your MainWP Dashboard detects the available update, it can take up to 24 hours before the trusted plugins get updated.

    The full docs for the Plugin Auto Update


    Thanks for your feedback.

    In the MainWP dashboard site, I’ve installed a cron plugin (Advanced cron manager) to see cron jobs already installed.
    There are a few mainwp jobs… which one is the one that install available updates into child sites?

    Moreover, in your knowledgebase doc, you recommend to set an uptime robot monitor to trigger regularly WP cron jobs.
    How can you set it up , in case mainWP dashboard is installed in a local setup?


    Hi Roberto,

    mainwp_cronupdatescheck_action (Schedule: every minute) is the cron job that executes the Auto Updates.

    Regarding the Uptime Robot, as much as I know, it can’t ping sites on localhost setups so some other 3rd party tool would be needed as a replacement if you don’t visit your dashboard daily.

    Hi Sanja,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I visit my dashboard daily and I keep it open for the whole day. Moreover I have a Chrome’s extension to refresh the page every 30 min.

    Since yesterday evening, I have 4 child sites with available updates but until now (2 pm) updates are not being installed by mainWP dashboard…
    You say that mainwp_cronupdatescheck_action is scheduled to run every minute, that means that available updates should be installed almost immediately after mainWP dashboard knows about available updates in child sites!
    Is that the way it should work?

    I’m trying to understand a bit better about WP cron jobs, and it seems that the default WP cron process is triggered only when a site’s page is being visited by an user.

    In my case, I’m the only user as I have a local installation.
    I guess that visiting the WP dashboard means also that the WP cron process is triggered when I login into WP dashboard, right?

    Then why available updates are not being installed in child sites?


    Hi @robertojobet,

    mainwp_cronupdatescheck_action cron job runs every minute, but the auto-update process executes only once per day.

    If the available updates still haven’t been processed in your setup, we will continue troubleshooting this in the helpdesk ticket that you have opened.

    Bogdan R.

    Plugin Author mainwp


    For any further questions, please feel free to reach out to the MainWP Support via helpdesk ticket.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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