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  • Saithus


    Hi there, I am new to the forum. I am currently using the Twenty Eleven 1.1 theme for my wordpress site and I am having trouble with the main nav menu.

    I have few main parent pages under the name Home/Games/Sports and have child pages like PC/Console under Games. The main nav automatically insert these child pages into the dropdown menu. That works fine and well. However, when I created a subpage like “About Me” and set its parent to “Home” (my site’s homepage), the nav menu automatically add the Child page to the nav as a main category (Like Home/Games/Sports/About Me). Is there a way to have it display like the other child pages where it’s automatically inserted into the dropdown menu? Thanks

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  • esmi


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    You would need to make About Me a child of one of your other Pages.



    I have a “Home” page, and the “about me” is a child of that page already.

    When I set the parent of “about me” to Sports, it works perfectly fine. The page got inserted into the dropdown menu under Sports. It’s just that it wouldn’t work under the “Home” parent which I set it as the homepage of the website.

    I’d be interested in knowing the answer to this as well.

    The question is: In the 2011 them, it appears you can’t set Home to be a page (as opposed to a blog) and have child pages under it. Why?

    Just wondering if this was every resolved? I am trying to do the same thing I’v been searching for hours. Under the “Home” I have information about the company, and I would like the add a child page to it with extra information but every time I set it as the child, it ends up in the navigation bar. Even though on the dashboard it’s right.

    Please help!!! I’m just about to upload the site.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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