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  • Hi All.

    Strange problem showing up. I have nested pages under a parent page and the titles of the pages are showing up on the middle of the text on ALL pages.

    See the problem here:

    I made a child page called “Hey, why is this right here?” and you can see it in the comments box there. It sits in the same place on all pages making black text illegible where the white text is sitting.

    How can I just get rid of this text altogether. I don’t need to see the titles of the pages. I REALLY looked hard to try to figure this out, but could not find a similar problem in forums and I’m not a techie, but did look through the editable files to see if I could find the problem. But no luck.

    Thanks in advance for any help. And if you could be VERY specific as to what to do that would be appreciated.

    Kerri Knox, RN
    Functional Medicine Practitioner

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  • esmi


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    The sub-pages titles are actually being generated by your nav menu but your theme’s CSS is pushing them right down into the page content.

    If you want to get rid of sub-pages titles in the nav menu altogether, try editing the relevant template file (header.php?) and look for wp_list_pages('title_li'). Change it to wp_list_pages(title_li&depth=1').

    The other option would be to flatten the page hierarchy visually by adding something like:

    #navigation ul {

    to your stylesheet.

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