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    I am using WordPress Multi-site, configured for sub-domain use. I am facing problems with the permalinks for child pages, as child pages do not pop up.
    I am hosting the site at and the People page available from the menu is configured to load the child pages and list them below with the relevant permalinks.
    However, when I click the permalink, the page doesn’t load and takes me back to the home page. Example:
    I have a few custom post types also configured in the theme, but the child pages for those seem to be working fine. It is only for the base pages, I am facing the problem.
    I tried to access the page independently, but that is also not working.

    Initially I thought it was a problem with caching so I turned off all the plugins and in between we also encountered a problem with cloudflare – so I turned that off too. Now I am running the bare-bones site. Please help.

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  • If you inspect your response headers, you will see that a redirection is being applied:

    HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily


    • .htaccess?
    • any plugin?
    • wrong config for domain mapping?

    i have the plugins uninstalled
    i have installed multi-site, and it also gives me trouble with sub-domain configuration. do u suggest, i reinstall?

    Mmmm, you talk about subdomain, but the example is not about that. Right?

    this particular topic wasn’t. i am facing trouble with the core site itself. the reason i chose subdomain install was because i have multiple custom post-types in this install. everything seems to be working fine with the custom post types, its just the default pages that are giving this error.

    i was hoping to have the multi-site error resolved separately, but now that you mention domain-mapping, i have a feeling it might be a related issue.

    if i update the permalink structure to “default” it works fine, and the page becomes accessible. the problem happens when I move the permalink structure to “day and name”

    Oka. When you set the permalink config, do you write it directly on ‘.htaccess’ file?

    no. i am using Settings > Permalinks from the Dashboard

    hi grosshat. thanks for taking interest and looking into this. i finally got the page to work. i was tinkering with a test multisite installation, as i was planning to re-install the whole site with sub-directory install. on a hunch, I moved the present installation to sub-directory install, and re-wrote the permalink structure. it seems to be working now. but thanks for your help.

    Great! Nice to see you finally got it. Congrats. 😉

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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