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  • I have a parent page on my nav bar that has two child pages under it. When using mobile Safari for iOS (iPhone & iPad) I can tap on the parent page link in the nav bar, it will show the drop down for the two pages, but on the iPad it will just reload the parent page even if the child page it tapped unless I hold the link for the child page and then get the default iOS popup asking if I want to open the page in a new tab. If I select to open in a new tab, there are no issues and it opens up fine to the proper page, if I try and open in the same window, it just reloads the parent page. On the iPhone, it won’t do anything when I tap on one of the child pages from the nav menu.

    If I open the site using Chrome on the iPad, everything works perfectly so it’s been narrowed down to just Mobile Safari.

    I have no clue as to where to begin to add/change code to fix just this Mobile Safari issue. I’ve put some countless hours on getting the CSS tweaked just right for desktops and tablets so that I can launch the site to the public and this is really the only thing left as far as coding goes before I can launch. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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