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  • The problem is related to the z-index order. The part of the slideshow box that overlaps the dropdown menu is displaying with a higher z-index order than the dropdown menu, thus it gets priority and displays as the top layer where they overlap.

    Z-index is the order in which layers display when they overlap. It is a tricky subject. Here is a basic intro:

    I played with your site CSS in Firebug but did not get the z-index settings correct. Some of your slideshow is coming from javascript and its possible some of the z-index order in the slideshow may be set im the javascript. You need to read up on the concept first. Then you can play with your stylesheet z-index settings. (Save a backup copy of it before you change anything. ) I’d start by searching the stylesheet to see all the elements that have a z-index set.

    z-index order also gets into absolute and relative positioning.

    Thank you.
    We did add that slide show plugin at the same time as the upgrades. That would explain my assumption of the connection.

    I have some test sites, when I check on those sites without the slide show I have the same problem. the post card menu goes under the first column. On another test site with the latest dkret3 2.5.2 theme, I also see the problem.

    That would lead me to conclude that it is the z-index setting associated with the theme stylesheet. I will get smart by reading up on the link you recommended, then I can use firebug, a test site and see if I can make a change to the style sheet that works.

    I will also drop a note to the Theme developer he may be interested.

    Thank you for your help! I would not have known where to even start with this. I will leave this as not resolved and be back to post the solution when I can figure it out.

    This is not an easy one to fix. I need a least a good and actual link with a page showing the error.

    I thought the css for the suckerfish menu is bulletproof. But the z-index for flash is always a problem.

    Just released dkret3 3.0 which has a new sucker fish navigation code. Please post, if the new version fixes the bug.

    Yes the new version solved the problem.

    Thank you or menus are back on!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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