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  • Here’s something odd.

    I had a category called “Need 2 Know” and using the category admin page, I moved it to be the child of another category. I wanted to change the name of the category (“Need to Know”) but that’s when I realized that it’s not showing up in the list of the category admin page. It does not show up even if I search for it on that page… BUT, it still exists and is selectable when I write a post.

    Just about the only thing I can completely guess is that it has a number in it and there’s a bug somewhere in how categories get displayed. I didn’t want to test that theory thinking I might end up with category I can’t see to delete. Or, it could be some other issue.

    Anyone ever have this problem?


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  • I am also having this problem. Anyone have any suggestions.

    Similar issue.

    Category hierarchy shows correctly in phpmyadmin and in the category list when adding/editing post, but my third-level category is missing in the categories list under Posts in the admin section.

    Posts assigned to this third-level category show up just fine and my breadcrumb trail shows the category.

    Tried logging out and logging in again – no change.

    This thread is actually 1 of 3/4 I have found with this problem.

    In the words of Pink Floyd . .

    “…Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home? Relax. I need some information first. Just the basic facts: …”

    Hmmm… glad I’m not going crazy. Sorry if I started yet another thread… I did not see the others.

    There is (3) posted below so you can follow all of them if any has the solution. No replies on any of them so far. =(

    (2) ~ one I started
    (3) ~ this one

    Is this a non-problem? anyone?

    Is this not where you post problems for help, am I in the wrong place?

    id eric


    having the same issue. I have several sub-categories that are not being listed properly in the admin categories area. However, I can add posts to them in the post editing area.


    I am also having this problem using wordpress 2.8.2

    the subcategories stopped showing in the admin section category list, though if i searched for them they show up, or if i tried to remake them, it said ‘there are already categories with this name’. you are able to add posts to them, and on the site, posts in those categories show up.
    However when i did wp_list_cats and did ‘show children of ‘1’ which used to list the subcategories, it gave the result ‘no categories’.
    if i just did list all, it would show them, with all the categories.

    i made a new subcategory and then they showed up again correctly in all places.

    I’m getting this problem now in 2.8.6!

    I know sub cats are created because I print the ID returned straight afterwards for debugging. But the ID does not belong to any existing categories. It then causes my plugin to attempt to keep creating the category.

    My plugin uses the category name to find a match, no match then it creates a new category. Don’t know if that helps.

    Ryan Bayne

    I faced this issue yesterday.
    What I did was I used phpMyAdmin , selected all tables and preformed check , repair and optimize . I’m not sure which one worked really but this seems to solve the issue ..

    Good luck everyone 🙂

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    Anyone get an answer on this?

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