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Child categories not showing up

  • Ok, i don’t rly know how i missed it, but i noticed just now, after mooving my page to another server and updating wp to 3.0.2, the categories were messed up, i could only see parent categories in the cat list, no child’s, but it was miraculously fixed when i created a new cat,- all missing child cats showed up. Now i can see all cats in hierarchy when writing post, or in categories page, but no luck on the widget. Im using built in show categories widget, but i cant get child categories to be shown (i checked “show child categories box”), now it looks like this.
    I have a main category “flats” and 2 sub categories (1 room, 2 rooms) I have 1 post in 1 and 2 rooms category.
    What i expected to see was:
    Flats: or Flats (2):
    1 Room (1)
    2 Rooms (1)

    If i uncheck the “Show hierarchy” the list looks like this:

    1 Room (1)
    2 Rooms (1)
    Flats (2)

    So the child cat view partially works, if i dont use it or if i use drop down menu:

    But i need the list to be shown the correct way.
    Any ideas how to work around it?
    P.S. Ill make a fresh wp install to see whether this happens just on my site, or in retail wp 3.0.2 also.

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  • Ok wp 3.0.2 is fine. So it’s mine problem. Gonna try to solve it and post any usefull info wtf was wrong.

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