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    My company has a blog and where we sell courses. How can I make a list of parent categories which then reveal child categories when you click on them. Also, some of the blog archives have just the beginning then a ‘read more’ button and some haven’t. How do I make them all have a ‘read more’ button. Apologies in advance as I am very new to WP.

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  • Perhaps this plugin?

    On the other question, probably a theme issue – what theme are you using and can you link to a page or pages where that occurs?

    The plugin is great thanks! The only issue is that the text is really small so is there a way to make it bigger? I think we are using a custom theme as it is called ‘Optimus Sourcing’ (the name of our company). Here is a link to page where it occurs (it still has the old categories menu by the way due to the aforementioned problem). Thanks for the help really impressed by the quick reply

    Yes, things like font-size can generally be changed in the CSS code. A tool such as Firebug can be really helpful to see which code to change. Or if you can change it so someone can look at it live, we can help more specifically.

    Ok I have downloaded Firebug and used it a bit and I can change the font size of all the sidebars around it but the actual widget will not change size. Whenever I used the tool that highlighted the area I wanted and changed the size it made me change the size of the entire page. Sorry about this

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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