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  • Hi,

    I’m stumbling my way around WooCommerce, which thankfully isn’t going too bad. I have run into a confusing situation specifically with my checkout page. On this page, under billing address there are 10 fields:
    street address
    apartment, suite, etc
    select an option
    —– (my zip code)
    the admin email address of the website

    Question 1 – I’m confused about the presence of the first 3 blank fields (which I’m assuming should have indications they are first name, last name, and email?) How do I get these blank fields to follow the same prompting as a few of the other fields do?

    Question 2 – Why is my admin website email address and my zip code on this form? Within this checkout form they cannot be changed by the customer.

    Question 3 – Why is the 10th field on the page blank and unable have anything in it. In other words, what is it for and if it’s not needed how is it removed?

    Question 4 – No information is able to be entered in the city/town field and nothing happens when the drop down of “select an option” field is clicked on. How is this fixed?

    I’ve searched and while I’ve found examples on how to change fields, I have not found information on the checkout template with this setup from the initial install. I have not made any changes to any of the php files.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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