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  • Ben Meredith


    The cart/checkout page just refreshes when the purchase button is clicked. The only thing in the console is a 404 for a CSS file wpsc-iShop.css that is supposed to be here: ...wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-components/theme-engine-v1/templates/wpsc-iShop.css?ver=

    The only payment gateway in use is PayPal standard 2.0, and the site has been humming along fine since 2011 (that’s like 40 web years, pretty sure)

    I tried enabling the test gateway and it also just refreshes the page on clicking the button.

    I copied the site to a staging site and deactivated all plugins and switched the theme to Twenty Nineteen, and the problem persists.

    Other than regular updates to plugins and theme, nothing has changed on the site in years.

    I enabled WP_DEBUG on the staging site, and other than one PHP warning about WordPress 5.7’s https-checker function (that went away on subsequent page load).

    I also tried going in and re-saving the settings on the Payment Methods at Settings > Store > Payments to see if that changed anything.

    There’s nothing in the server error logs, and I’m relatively at a loss as to what to try next. The site is running PHP 7.0 which is a bit old, but has been working fine for it.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Following up here: I believe it’s something to do with the shipping calculator API messing up, and am looking into workarounds. This issue can be closed!

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    Now I’ve gotten fully into this, and would love more help. the docs at are not working at all, and that’s exactly what I need to resolve this issue.

    Please help!


    I am wondering if the plugin is been updatet.

    I have previously (over 7 months ago) just mentioned that docs

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    Good Afternoon,

    That’s strange for the checkout to have suddenly stopped working.

    If it’s only just stopped working, a possible cause could be be a plugin conflict.

    Prehaps a recent update to one of your other plugins may have caused the issue?

    You mentioned about the only changes being regular updates to plugins / theme.

    You could always try using a plugin like wp-rollback on the staging site, to go back to an earlier version of a recent plugin, that you have updated recently, to see if this fixes the issue?

    If your site has been running fine, and then the checkout has only just stopped working, the likely cause is going to be another plugin conflicting with wp-ecommerce, or another possiblity could be if your using a caching plugin, or any optimization plugins?

    It may even be worth checking with your hosting company to see if anything has changed their end?

    Hope this helps?

    Kind Regards,


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    @andrew1977 I’ve isolated the problem down to a problem with the shipping calculator. And the docs that I need to see to fix it are unavailable.

    I’m beginning to think this plugin is abandoned. Time to work on getting everything moved over to some other e-commerce solution.

    Hi Ben,

    I’ve just had a quick look at your site and once you try and make a purchase, you get a 504 Gateway Time-out Nginx error, which looks like the web server is waiting too long for a response from another server.

    Not sure if extending the timeout for API requests, would solve this issue?

    I think it’s worth speaking to your hosting company as well.

    I’m sure there will be another update to the plugin soon.

    Kind Regards,


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