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    Hey there, First off, thanks for a great plugin available for free!
    I have seen this problem several times, all have either been neglected by the asker or marked resolved. I have been struggling to get the plugin to work correctly. The problem occurs after the checkout.

    I set up the plugin and have combed through just about every option I can think of and still no luck. When I sign up as a new user, I click on membership-levels and select the level I want to sign up for which takes me to membership-checkout. After I fill out all the information in the checkout and submit, it just redirects me to the homepage with no confirmation. The email is sent and the transaction shows up in my stripe account. It looks like everything is working it just redirects me to the homepage without any confirmation at all. Even when I go to the checkout page by itself it redirects me back to the homepage. I selected to have the pages built by PM-Pro just to make sure there were no routing errors on my part.

    Most of the answers to this issue was a plugin or theme issue so I did a complete fresh 3.5.2 wordpress install with PM Pro as the only plugin on the twenty eleven theme. I still get the same issue.

    I tried the solution provided by member :Sitepotion who posted the same problem marked resolved.
    He said changing the script below in checkout.php resolved this redirect problem but it did not work for me and the thread was marked resolved so I did not want to open it back up.

    $wpuser = new WP_User(0, $username);


    $wpuser = new WP_User($user_id);

    At this point I really don’t know what to do since I am just using the plugin as is without any custom functions or themes. I am not using an SSL and I have the site on a localhost server for the build.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I just realized the emails are not being sent. The emails only go out when I have the pmpro mailchimp addon plugin active. So no email or invoice and redirects to the homepage every time. For some reason the payment still shows up on stripe’s end. I’ve tried it on fresh installs of wordpress with basic themes and still no go. I wouldn’t think this would have anything to do with running the site from MAMP since the payments are going to stripe. I also have any user can register selected so it’s not that. I’m just really out of ideas on how to get it working since it’s obviously working for other people. Maybe i’ll try running it on a live site.

    Hi TheMusik,

    For the vast majority of users, this will work right out of the box on a live site. We cannot control for the variety of scenarios in a user’s local host setup.

    You can always use test mode with Stripe on a live site. People with very little WordPress skills are able to do this everyday, no need to make something more difficult than it has to be.

    We cannot provide individual support for custom issues here on the WP forums, this is limited to basic setup, presales, and bug reports.

    If you would like more guidance or hands on help implementing this solution with Paid Memberships Pro, please sign up at

    Thanks for understanding.

    Well I went ahead and did a live launch of a new wordpress install. Used the twenty-eleven theme, no plugins except for PM PRO. Placed the stripe test codes in and went through made sure everything was correct. It’s still redirecting to the homepage. Are you sure the plugin is still working with stripe and wordpress 5.3.2?

    I have pretty much the exact same problem. users register, are redirected to the home page, receive a confirmation email but they’re not given access to the site. In my case I am just testing it with free registration.

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    Hey, guys. There was a huge bug with the DB generation in version 1.7 and of the plugin, which was likely causing this issue.

    Upgrading to version that was just pushed out should fix your problem. Please post back if not.

    Thanks and sorry for the trouble this has caused.

    Yep that was it. I went ahead and tested it on both a development and production server and it is redirecting correctly as well as sending the invoice. I gotta say this is an awesome plugin seeing it in action. No trouble at all and it was worth the wait to see it work. One thing I did notice is that on the Stripe side, the customer’s email is being displayed in the description section instead of the email spot which is empty. Just a heads up.
    Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it.

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