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    Good Day,

    First and foremost I use the theme Listify and it is built around wp job manager over the past week my team and I have been testing the checkout process from creating a listing package to receiving payment and approving the order of packages. While conducting tests we came across some bugs which greatly cause problems. I will list our findings and would like to know how or if WP -Job manager is working towards a fix for these issues as we believe they can cause a problem.

    tl;dr : We are using Listing Packages and not the Subscriptions Plugin. I have also contacted the theme support and was instructed that wp job manager handles the processing and contact you guys.

    1 ) Firstly, we set the limit for listings per package to 1. Creating a listing runs smoothly. However, our first problem arises after filling out the submission form details when submitting the listing. In the event that someone fills out the listing details (submission form) and hits “Preview Listing” and decides to close the window or by accident leave the preview page and therefore restart the create listing process he or she can have more than one listing created under the same package even though the listing limit is only 1. If what I say might sound confusing I have attached a snapshot labelled ” GOLD PACKAGES” . The snapshot illustrates a scenario where a customer was able to make 4 gold packages by repeatedly leaving the preview page and restarting the create a listing process even though the listing limit is set to 1.

    2) The second problem arises in the backend when managing the listing. Under the “All Listings” tabs in the backend we were testing expiring, approving and trashing listings. We realized that once we expire the listing through the backend we were unable to “approve the listing” again. I have attached a snapshot title “EXPIRED LISTING ” to demonstrate such a case.

    3) Third problem, this may seem repetitive as I have asked about this in previous tickets but when using Listing packages the listing expiry date never shows up on the front end or back-end even though it has a 30 day duration. I have even tried setting an expiry date through edit listing and pressing update but it never updates it.I have attached a snapshot title ” NO EXPIRY ” to further illustrate this.

    4) ” Is it possible to notify the listing owners that their listing is about to expire? “

    5)all expired listings are automatically deleted after 30 days. Is it possible to change this number though the backend of wordpress?

    I understand this might be a long support ticket but the checkout and creating a listing process is a fundamental pillar to the theme and wanted to make sure the our site can handle it.

    As always appreciate the support.


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  • Hi Divit,

    I too am having these same problems. Did you ever get an answer from the developer?

    #1 seems like a biggie to me. The user has to go to their cart page to remove the unwanted products. But which one to delete!?

    You’d have thought they’d tested these things before releasing it. Also for such a popular theme, why aren’t other people having the same problems?

    The answer to #5 is on the listify customisation pages here:


    Plugin Contributor Davor


    Hey folks!

    Sorry for the super late reply.

    Are you using our WC Paid Listings add-on – – or a third-party listings plugin? If it’s our own WC Paid Listings add-on, please make sure it’s updated to the latest version since we’ve added lots of improvements and fixes in the last couple of releases. Also, to receive support for our paid add-ons, please make sure to reach out to us via our support form:

    For any assistance with the Listify theme directly, please make sure to get in touch with the theme authors.


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