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[Resolved] Checkout page refreshes only

  • All works until checkout is clicked page just refreshes.
    did all the old posts for the shipping, mandatory fields and such.
    not to impressed as this is a new setup ans does not even work out of the box,

    any fixes out here in 2013 to solve the posting to a payment gateway.



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  • Plugin Author Edward


    Hello Erick

    You are using 2013? and only the store plugins? and still have trouble with checkout?

    Have you tried using the manual test payment method? This will help determine if your payment methods settings are wrong.

    If you are able to checkout completely with manual payment you need to double check your payment options details.

    If you are still unable to checkout have a look at your checkout page settings in the admin. see what you may have set as mandatory.

    If you provide a link to the site it might help



    Sorry meant for the year 2013 for updated fixes,
    yes the test payment goes though fine and I get the confirmation email.

    the USPS shipping calculation also appears to be fine, but when I add on the authorize.net or paypal it just refreshes.

    Thx for the reply,

    also any way to get the text box input field for the “Enter your email address” to be a longer more characters input box ?

    Plugin Author Edward


    Typically if you are able to complete the manual test everything is working fine. If when you try to use a.net or paypal you have a problem it’s most often due to incorrect settings. Double check that your account details are properly entered.

    Also try Paypal without a.net enabled and then try a.net without paypal enabled this might help identify where the problem is.

    As for the text field you could try the following edit 400 to the width you want to use.



    thx for that,
    yes the billing is refreshing as the cc info was empty but notthing
    was saying because it was empty, no you forgot a field message.

    as for the text filed, would that be in the wpsc-shopping_cart_page.php ?
    as all I can find is

    }elseif( $wpsc_checkout->checkout_item->unique_name == ‘billingemail’){ ?>

    }elseif( $wpsc_checkout->checkout_item->unique_name == ‘billingemail’){ ?>
    <?php $email_markup =
    “<div class=’wpsc_email_address’>
    <p class='” . wpsc_checkout_form_element_id() . “‘>
    <label class=’wpsc_email_address’ for='” . wpsc_checkout_form_element_id() . “‘>
    ” . __(‘Enter your email address’, ‘wpsc’) . “
    <p class=’wpsc_email_address_p’>
    <!–<img src=’https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/empty?s=60&d=mm’ id=’wpsc_checkout_gravatar’ />–>
    ” . wpsc_checkout_form_field();

    if(wpsc_the_checkout_item_error() != ”)
    $email_markup .= “<p class=’validation-error’>” . wpsc_the_checkout_item_error() . “</p>”;
    $email_markup .= “</div>”;
    }else{ ?>

    or maybe somewhere in here.

    Plugin Author Edward


    You would add the code I provided to your style sheet it’s CSS

    like this ?


    li.widget_wp_shopping_cart ul {
    list-style-image: none !important;
    list-style-type: none !important;

    Plugin Author Edward


    missing the open brace

    like this


    Ya, thx. 🙂

    now just need to figure out why Authnet 2.0 is not working when
    I just made the new ID and key on there site, but I am NOT sure it is the 2.0

    with the other authorize net setup the AIM/CIM one, how to NOT show the echeck ? I did not check the box so…

    all new KEY and ID with AuthorizeNet and I still get

    The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive. –

    Any thoughts ? I use the same in Zencart, works fine for years.

    I am having a similar problem. My site has used WP E-Commerce successfully for a long time. Something has broken within the last week – and I have not made any edits.


    My checkout page is also “refreshing” when the purchase button is clicked. I am using PayPal Payments Standard 2.0. My last successful order was placed on 12/3. I have an incomplete order on 12/4 and now customers are telling us that nothing happens when they click ‘purchase’. I have tested it with the test gateway and it is doing the same thing. Both the test gateway and PayPal checkouts worked as of a month ago when I tested after updating.

    Hello Hello, is most important to get the gateways going 🙂

    how do I add images to the payment gateways, such as the paypal payment shows the paypal logo, I want to do the same for the credit cards and manual payments but see no place to add the logo url.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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