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  • Hi,

    I have updated to the latest wp-ecommerce and encountered the above issues. I saw that the same-as-billing address issue resolved in the forum but without any specifications how it was resolved. Hope that you can help me. I have seeked help from theme’s support but was told that it appears on default themes as well.

    I do not wish to revert to old wp-ecommerce, hope that you can provide solutions for me. Thank you.

    My settings:
    Theme – Blanco
    Shipping – Flat-rate
    Shipping fields disabled – State and City

    Issues detail as follows:

    1. Checkout page error box
    I enabled flat-rate shipping. In my country (SG), state and city are not required. Only country field is required. Therefore I have disabled state and city fields. On the checkout page, it showed a red error box with text cut off (unable to view what it is). But I am able to proceed and click on “purchase”.

    2. Same-as-Billing function not working
    It is not able to proceed if I click on this function and returns to the same shipping details page. When I uncheck this function, it showed me mandatory fields on the shipping details.

    3. Lastly, Checkout page seemed to be cut-off when I use Ipad mini portrait mode. I am not able to click on Purchase button. However, when I switch to landscape mode, the page is correctly displayed with Purchase button. I am not sure if this is theme or wp ecommerce related.

    Hope that you can help me. Thank you!


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  • I’m having the same issue with the “Same as Billing”.
    I had to uncheck that function in settings. Hopefully they will fix it soon.
    Also noticed the Countries (in the shipping area) are not in alphabetical order.
    It reads Afghanistan, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Mauraitius…
    Still looking for a solution to these issues.
    WP e-Commerce Version
    wpsc-simple-shipping Version 1.1
    PayPal Express Checkout 2.0

    I have a client having the same issue! If they choose “same as billing” the checkbox appears, but then when the customer enters their payment information and clicks “purchase” button. They are ask complete their billing state. Is there a fix for this issue?

    Thanks, in advance!

    To add to my message above… the specific field it doesn’t seem to hold is the Billing State field. Even though it’s completed on the first pass, it doesn’t store or submit it.

    My #1 (error box) and #3 (ipad mini checkout page) issue was a theme layout issue, resolved by my theme’s support.

    Do hope that someone could help me on #2 on the same-as-billing issue. If it is possible (easy and simple), it would be helpful to post the solution so that everyone can refer.


    Has anyone found an answer to this issue?

    My Same As Billing Address radio button isn’t working either. When checked, it only refreshes the page. It doesn’t go to PayPal.

    Has anyone found a fix?

    I just wanted to let you know I resolved my issue by going to checkout and ensuring all of the shipping information was not marked as mandatory. My designer created a custom checkout form. Turns out the “gift option” fields were marked as mandatory. I hope this helps.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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