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  • EXACT same issue for me. We were having an issue with checking out on WP e-Commerce version 3.8.14. I just upgraded to and the “refresh” error is happening to us as well.

    Add this product to your cart:

    Checkout with dummy information and try to submit the payment via credit card

    (Test information, CC# 4444333322221111 should force an error)

    No error, just refreshes the page.

    Can we get this fixed fairly quickly please or at least find out what the problem is?

    Plugin Author Justin Sainton


    Hi shillingford,

    I’m noticing that you have quite a few Javascript errors on your checkout page – whatever is causing those is likely the root cause of this issue for you.

    Hi MorningCactus,

    I’m looking at your checkout page, and in viewing the source, I don’t actually see anythingrelated to WP eCommerce being loaded. Something is overriding the system and that is certainly what is causing the breakage.

    Hi Justin,

    1) The /products-page/checkout page is calling the “[shoppingcart]” shortcode, which was drawn from the documentation on this page:

    This shortcode has been in place on the website since WP eCommerce version and has been working fine

    2) I’m not sure what you mean when you say you don’t see anything related to WP eCommerce as inside the checkout page itself, in the source, it’s full of “wpsc” class tags, which are indicative of the WP eCommerce system.

    Can you please elaborate as to what I’m doing wrong?



    @ MorningCactus

    I think Justin means the core isn’t being loaded meaning there are no scripts or css from WPEC being loaded. I will allow him to comment further about that but when I view the source I don’t see certain scripts and css.

    That aside… Try all of the following…

    1. reset your permalinks – go to permalink settings set them to default and save then set them back to your permalink settings.

    2. go to the Store > Presentation tab settings and clear the template cache.

    3. if this still fails to remedy the situation try the following to check for conflicts

    3.a disable all non WPEC related plugins. switch to a default wWP theme such as 2010. once again clear the store template cache.

    now test the store I would test by enabling the MANUAL PAYMENT method in payment settings.

    If checkout completes properly then you either have a conflict with a plugin or the theme or your payment settings may be incorrect.

    Lastly are you using ARB or CIM or eCheck? If not I’d suggest switching to using the AIM payment option.




    You have several JS errors that need to be resolved. These could be due to a plugin or theme conflict.


    It also appears you’re using a cache plugin “wp-super-cache” I strongly advise against use of cache plugins. They are just not usually worth the problems they cause.

    It’s very difficult to debug a site with a cache plugin running since it would be delivering files from the cache and not what is actually being generated. I would at the very least start by clearing the cached data. Or better clear the cache and then remove the plugin all together. If you are using the minify tools of the cache plugin these very often cause plugin scripts to break.

    Once you have cleared the cache you can try to test for plugin and theme conflicts.

    Disable all non WPEC plugins, switch to a default WP theme such as 2010. Clear the store template cache on the Store presentation settings page. Test the store. Remember none of this will be clear if you are still using the cache plugin since fils will be from the cache and not from the live changes.

    You would also wan to clear up the script errors seen in the console. I would assume once you have made the test changes I suggest those will already resolve themselves.


    plugin caches are terrible and ruined my site….

    also i had issues with refreshing until i disabled “all” mandatory fields in the checkout area. Also try putting the Country above the state option to further help reduce confusion for the customer.

    Im having a new issue now with really sucks the bugs on the checkout. This is the worst place to ever have issue in any cart and should be top priority.

    Plugin Author Justin Sainton


    Hi mike_sho,

    Can you forward WP admin credentials to either myself (justinsainton at gmail dot com) and/or Jeff (jeff at pyebrook dot com) – would love to help debug.

    Alright, an update:

    The wp_head() and wp_footer() functions were missing from my template, however inserting those and trying all of your suggested methods have not resolved my issue.

    Now, instead of just refreshing blankly, the error says to please choose a State, even though I have already chosen a state on both the billing and shipping when I check out.


    Plugin Author Mihai Joldis


    Go to your Store -> Checkout page
    For the billing fields move the Country field above the State field.

    Give that another try and let us know.

    Thanks guys, moving Country above State fixed it

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the tips.

    Unfortunately, we’re still experiencing the refresh glitch on the checkout page. I tried disabling the cache plugins along with emptying the cache along with resetting defaults and such.

    Any other thoughts? This seems to be affecting a lot of people.



    Plugin Author Mihai Joldis


    @shillingford its different for each user.
    Can be theme issues, old WPEC theme files moved in the current theme or the checkout fields.
    Can you mail me the wp-admin logins: mihai

    hello Mihai I have the same problem. The site is, Checkout don’t work after upgrade wp, Please help me

    Plugin Author Mihai Joldis


    @brico83 its most likely your theme.
    Change to a default 2010 theme and flush theme and i`m sure it will work.
    You most likely will have to contact your theme developers and see if ther e is an update for the theme

    I am having issues with this as well – it was working fine a few days ago…. conor [at] conorsweeney [dot] com – any help with this would be great!

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