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  • I can;t see any ‘powered by WordPress’ on there.

    I’m sure Mark left it off by mistake. It looks like he was hard at work on the site. I’m sure he’ll remember to add it soon. Nice design, Mark!

    Best wishes!

    The design is great, but you have to tweak it to look as good in Explorer as it does in Firefox. The current problem is that in IE the upper part of your site aligns to the center and the lower part to the left. One design problem is the footer. In both browsers it misses some pixels after ‘privacy’.

    Rado Vleugel



    Thanks guys for your thoughts. I did fix the bug in IE and added the WP thing too. Didn’t think I needed that. But I love WP so I’ll add it:)

    nice site. you did some great CSS and layout customization on it.

    i would go into my WP admin console and change the options–>permanlinks

    change the structure to something like this:

    and the category base to something like this


    that way you will have clean urls, more search friendly.

    if you get an error in setting this, it probably means that your .htaccess is not writeable but in most cases you should be able to do it.

    good job

    nice use of templatemonster…it looks a little off in IE, but very nice…looks like it might have been complicated to fit wordpress in…*thumbs up*



    Leofish- Thank you for your suggestions. I’ll give those a shot.

    Court- yeah i loved that design and thinks it works well for what i’m doing. it was a pain in the arse at first, but definately worth the trouble:)



    Leofish- I like the idea of the permalinks and yes that should help with searching and search engines with their spiders.

    But now WP created a “2005” folder and those images don’t show up. Short of using the “<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>” code before all of my images, is there another way of telling the “2005” folder where the images can be found?



    I’ll just go with that system for now. No biggie:)

    Nice design. Maybe the content pages should be thinner than the index page? I just finish reading ‘Don’t Make me think’ by Steve Krug, I think on my next site I will use a large Site ID/Logo on the index page, and a smaller/thinner one for the content pages. Looks good though!

    David Martinez

    hey encryptdesign,
    thx. its creates the 2005 folder because of the PHP in

    it creates a date coupled with postname

    the categories go into the structure


    its good practice…best and great job

    Great site!

    Flexibility is what makes WP so powerful. You can get a clean, usable site in a couple hours at the outside (assuming ISP problems and accounting for customization), which you can continue to customize to fit your needs. I was planning on starting a webcomic as a lead up to some cartoon shorts. Oneday it struck me to do a hoster blog and customize the hell out of it. I followed the link on, one of the only blogs I follow, and have loved WordPress ever since. I’m not even stressed about making a logo – the theme I found is so good that I can focus on drawing first and design second. Furthermore, I have live RSS and commenting capabilies without having to learn a new scripting language. Go WP!

    And, again, great site. It’d be cool to see some themes or tutorials that shed light on the insights of building a webpage with blog software.



    Thank you guys so much for your insight. I am still having some issues with how my design is rendered in WP, I hate IE, but a lot of people use it, oh well:)

    theillustratedlife- I totally agree with you. I started with WP after some other means of creating a database were exhausted. I now have 2 sites running WP. and FVS is a site that basically uses the “guts” of WP as a database management system and TMS uses WP as it was basically intended for. Both sites work well for me and WP definately makes a lot of editing easier with its awesome Admin section.

    Before I would have to manually edit pages with Dreamweaver and reupload the page. Now that wasn’t a big deal, but WP makes soo many things easier to deal with. Tons of plugins, tons of helpful people in the forums help make the difficult database management issues easy. Plus most of the people here are just good people in general.

    So being a novice with database management systems, WP has made it easy:)

    Thanks again for your thoughts theillustratedlife and everyone else too.

    A tutorial going through some complex issues would be helpful I am sure. I am sure some one here could handle that request if one hasn’t been done already.

    You might want to check your links. If you hover over them the wrong name is attributed to them. Check your title in the <a href .

    Looks exactly like

    Wow, what are the odds that you and Carey Hart’s design team basically came up with the same site?

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