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    The lost password link doesn’t work in checkout page for returning customer login. This CSS should fix it:

    .wcf-embed-checkout-form .woocommerce form.woocommerce-form-login .lost_password {
    margin-top: -15px;

    Also, why can’t I style CartFlows pages with CSS in my stylesheet (even with !important tag)?

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  • Plugin Contributor Adam @ WPCrafter


    We will have one of our developers look at that.

    Regarding adding custom css, you certainly can do that. In fact I just tested it myself by adding a bit of custom CSS inside the customizer and it applied just as expected.

    Perhaps there is something else going on with your setup. We would love to take a deeper look and get this working as expected.

    If you don’t mind can you take a moment to open up a support ticket so our support staff can get this sorted out for you?

    Here is the link to open a ticket https://cartflows.com/support/submit-a-ticket/

    Hi Adam,

    I’ve temporarily patched the issue by modifying core plugin CSS. Here’s the affected line:
    …/plugins/cartflows/assets/css/checkout-template.css/Line 95

    Changing to “margin-top: -15px;” solves this.

    When you refer to ” inside the customizer”, do you mean theme customizer? I’m adding CSS to my child theme stylesheet. Haven’t had any styling issues with other plugins, just CartFlows from day one install. 😛

    Will consider opening a ticket if this can’t be resolved here. Thanks!

    Plugin Contributor Adam @ WPCrafter


    We ask for our users to open a ticket so we can get additional information about your specific environment.

    Since CartFlows works with multiple page builders (all uniquely different) and every WordPress theme, it is helpful for us to be able to know what your exact environment is to be able to see where the issue is coming from.

    Please let us know which page builder you are using and what theme you are using.

    Thanks for the additional info Adam. Makes sense re: specific environments and happy to create a support ticket if basic troubleshooting fails.

    I’m using Astra theme with Elementor (free). On Cloudways hosting with Breeze caching plugin. No caching URL exceptions. I used “global-checkout” as the checkout URL string.

    I’ve yet to try adding CSS to theme customizer, only child theme stylesheet.

    For order submit button, have attempted to target the following classes to no avail:
    1. button#place_order.button.alt {}
    2. .woocommerce #payment #place_order, .woocommerce-page #payment #place_order {}
    3. .wcf-embed-checkout-form .woocommerce #order_review button{}

    Cleared browser cache and always hard-refresh when reloading the page.

    When I inspect the checkout page in Chrome for changes I made (ie. to see if they’re crossed out because need !important tag), my changes don’t appear at all.

    Leads me to believe it’s caching issue relevant to checkout page only? Cloudways server caching perhaps?

    Nevermind Adam, I did a test in the Chrome extension WP Sandbox. Clearly there’s an issue with my flow. Will delete CF plugin and start fresh.

    Will open a ticket on your website if not resolved independently.

    Thanks for the help!

    Haha, figured it out. Can’t add code to child theme stylesheet. Must add to theme customizer CSS area. Weird, but OK! =)

    Plugin Contributor Adam @ WPCrafter


    Yea I am going to talk through the reasoning behind that with our dev team today. When we launched CartFlows, for maximum compatibility, we don’t load any of the themes CSS, including the theme’s header & footer.

    Most of our customers are using custom CSS here and there on their CartFlows steps, but they are mostly adding it in the page builder. So for example, I personally use Elementor and there is an option to add custom CSS that will load only where I want it to load. Same for Divi and Beaver Builder. I suppose this may be why this has never come up before.

    Regardless, let me get back to this support thread in a few hours.

    Awesome, appreciate you looking into this Adam!

    I believe you’re referring to Elementor Pro with custom CSS ability. I do not have that function with WP.org Elementor.

    If it makes sense to leave as-is with your dev team, happy as a clam! Just wish there was:

    a) checkbox in settings to override CartFlows style with Theme Styling (for us old dogs who still build in a child theme)

    b) notification in settings that custom CSS can be added to places, but not child theme stylesheet.

    BTW, I couldn’t fix that darn Lost Password margin issue with CSS in the Theme Customizer, so still had to modify core plugin css. Please pass on to team if you get the chance.

    Big Thanks!

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