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    I used to have a yellow paypal button at the top of the page and a paypal item with a logo in the list of gateways. After the latest update the paypal logo is missing from the list of gateways and instead of the button “proceed to paypal” I’m getting a yellow paypal button which looks ugly. Can you please have a look and tell me if it’s possible to be fixed?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    So here’s a little bit of back story for you.

    Originally, we had Express Checkout integrated with static buttons and fewer options than are available now.

    A while back we added the Smart Button functionality, which you’ll see at the bottom of the Express Checkout settings. You can enable this to get nicer looking buttons in general throughout the site, and they have better functionality for Guest Checkout built into them as well.

    When we first added Smart Buttons, we did not have them included in the regular list of gateways on the Woo checkout page. This is what changed in 1.5.5. We now have Smart Buttons fully integrated in all button display locations (if you have Smart Buttons enabled in the settings.)

    You’ll see that you can adjust the size and some other options for those buttons, so you might be able to get it looking the way you like on the checkout page.

    I do see that we lost the icons. We’ll get that fixed in another update coming soon.

    All of that said, one of the primary benefits of Express Checkout in general is that users don’t have to fill out your checkout form. I would highly recommend that you enable PayPal buttons on product pages and the cart page if you have not already done so. By doing this, most people will skip the checkout page entirely.

    If you want to try disabling the Smart Buttons altogether you can do that, too, and you may like it. I think you’ll find the smart buttons are better overall.

    Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about that. Thanks!

    Hmm . . we too, well kinda . . Upgraded to (PayPal for WooCommerce) version 1.5.5 (from version 1.5.4) and see that your PayPal image logo is, now suddenly, absent and the existing Woocommerce checkout payment methods frontend public order is re-ordered too ! Hah ! But not at the WooCommerce Settings Payments backend admin where the order is as before (i.e., existing, established, and unchanged) and as usual . . Ain’t that a hoot :-}

    Then upgraded to 1.5.6 without any observable change to the 1.5.5 outcome described . . Situation Unchanged .

    Images linked show the OLD (i.e., before) and NEW (i.e., after) frontend public checkout appearance and the existing, established, unchanged, backend admin Woocommerce Settings Payments . . meaning the upgrade has, somehow and someway, overridden established settings / configuration(s) and arrived at the NEW (i.e., after upgrade to version 1.5.5) frontend public checkout appearance ~ images linked below.

    # Version 1.5.4 OLDPayPalWooCommercePaymentSettingsFrontEndPublic.png (

    # Version 1.5.5, and version 1.5.6 NEWPayPalWooCommercePaymentSettingsFrontEndPublic.png (

    # Version 1.5.4, version 1.5.5, and version 1.5.6 ExistingEstablishedUnchangedPayPalWooCommercePaymentSettingsBackEndAdmin.png (

    All images folder link :

    WordPress 4.9.8 (current is 5.0.3)
    PHP 7.2.14
    Woocommerce version 3.5.3 (current)
    Shopkeeper theme version 2.6.16 (current)
    PayPal for WooCommerce plugin version 1.5.6 (current)

    We seek any remedial guidance and advice as you are able, please .

    We are at your disposal . . as you may require . .

    Thank you .

    Mean-time and for now,
    Much appreciated . . much obliged . .
    Yours sincerely,
    Stuart :-}

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    Thanks Angelleye, although I appreciate all the new features, I would also like to keep my old checkout layout where I had a smart button at the top of the page and an icon in the list of payment gateways. Now I have to choose one or the other in order for it to look good.

    Plugin Contributor angelleyesupport


    Hi @kk305 and @boutiquelife ,

    Thanks for your feedbacks, we are looking into this and will get back to you asap.


    Plugin Contributor angelleyesupport




    We got this adjusted and will be included this in next update.

    Going to go ahead and mark this as resolved now.


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