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    I´ve a problem with Paypal Plus. If the Customer choose United States as Country, I get the following error:

    Error processing checkout. Please try again.

    All other coutries (I checked Europe / Germany and South Korea) are ok.

    I do not know why I get this error and only in USA.

    Could you help me?

    Thanks Jan

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  • EDIT:

    This is the log:

    [07-08-2018 05:20:34] Inpsyde\Lib\PayPal\Core\PayPalHttpConnection : ERROR: Got Http response code 400 when accessing {“name”:”VALIDATION_ERROR”,”details”:[{“field”:”purchase_units[0]”,”issue”:”Item amount must add up to specified amount subtotal (or total if amount details not specified)”}],”message”:”Invalid request – see details”,”information_link”:””,”debug_id”:”3555c31cdd48″}

    Plugin Author Andreas W.


    Hello @janni1887,

    PayPal Plus works normally for customers from Germany only. Also, the merchant shop must be based in Germany. It could be PayPal Plus can’t verify customers form the US for e.g. their bank accounts etc. so they would not be able to pay via PayPal Plus.

    I would recommend contacting PayPal Plus directly to get more information about it because we don’t have any access to PayPal customers accounts.

    Dear and thanks for reply,

    I checked many other countries. Just with US I´ve the problem.

    I checked United States – Virgin Islands and the emirates an it is ok too. I think ALL countries are ok, exept United States. I´m confused about this issue.

    The shop sells from Germany to US, so I need this option.

    Any other ideas?

    Hello @janni1887,

    did you already contact PayPal Plus? They can see why no payments from US can’t be received with your account.

    Thanks. I told the responsible person to contact Paypal . I‘ll post the result

    I checked again and now I am totally confused.

    City: New York OK
    City: Boston NOT OK

    I‘ve more examples….

    I do not understand it…

    Plugin Author Andreas W.


    Hello @janni1887,

    you need to contact in this case PayPal because the plugin seems to work fine. Do you have any geo-restriction?

    I have the solution.

    We tried the orders with test data like ZIP, State etc.

    Paypay verifies the Data in the checkout. (I see it in the LOG). And if the ZIP is not correct for the state, you´ll get an error in the checkout.

    With real data (ZIP, State, City) it is ok.

    Plugin Author Andreas W.


    Hello @janni1887

    yes, that’s correct and what I meant part as the verifying process. The address must be valid

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