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  • Hello!

    I’ve managed to “hide” the PayPal checkout button in order to customers to be redirected to PayPal using the button theme, however, when a customer get access to the mini cart (sidebar cart) there are two buttons provided by my them:

    “View Cart”

    The first one lead to a page where the customer can chose between PayPal and Bank Transfer and also has to type in the billing address and have the chance to register an account

    The second one instead, display the cart content and under the button “proceed to checkout” there’s the button “Checkout with PayPal”.

    I don’t understand why, the PayPal button here appear, while I manage to hide it from the mini cart and the theme checkout page.
    The work flow is fine, the button redirect the customer to PayPal login and then back on the them to check the “terms and conditions” box and confirm the checkout, but would be nice at least style a little bit the PayPal button because it’s aligned left instead of centered or at least of the same length of the theme “proceed to checkout” button.

    It looks like so:


    While would be nice get something like:




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  • I too have this same problem!! PLEASE, for the love of God, please someone answer this question, lol. So frustrating!!

    Before I installed the plugin, the “Proceed to Checkout” button (text version is what I am using and used before)….I had there was centered. And larger! NOW, it’s left-justified and smaller. And it’s “stacked” ontop of the PayPal button. When I adjust the size of the screen, the buttons stay left-justified and stacked, by the way; no idea if that matters. But they don’t move, no matter what I do.

    Thanks for all your hard work on this plugin; it’s fantastic so far, and highly reliable from what I hear. Looking forward to many years of use with it! Just hoping I can look at it and not wince whenever I see it…with the PayPal button below it….both being left-justified. 😀 Getting this fixed would help me feel much better about how my store looks to customers. Thanks in advance for all your help!

    The original button of my theme was fine and still it is, I meant the “Pay Pal Checkout Button” the yellow-blue punch in da face.

    But, after tons of debugging and high proof quality code work, I’ve solved going in WC/Settings/Checkout/PP Express Checkout and at this point I don’t remember anymore sorry… I’ve just unchecked one of the two “show” checkboxes and the PayPal button puff! gone, it was not anymore in the “view” cart page, now again I’ve just the theme button 😀

    Plugin Contributor angelleye


    There is an option in the plugin settings to enable the PayPal button on the cart page. It sounds like you simply need to disable that option. Can you check that and verify?

    That said, it’s recommended that you don’t do this. The whole point of “Express” checkout is so that people don’t have to fill out your WC checkout forms. This can lead to increased conversion rates on your site.

    Let me know about that option and if that’s not it we can dig deeper with you to figure out what’s going on here.

    Disabling it on the “Cart Page” would make my website not have people check out! That’s all I’m using; the “Checkout Page” is being skipped in my site.

    He isn’t having a problem with the page; it’s the button’s placement on the page.

    Just like I am.

    The *button* being listed there is the issue. How it’s left-justified. It doesn’t matter which page it’s on. But the page both he and I are having issues with is the final page where that button appears — the “Cart Page.”

    And again…..what good would disabling it appearing entirely on the “Cart Page” do? I wouldn’t have any reason to use your plugin! It wouldn’t be on my site at all. And using the “Checkout Page” to check out instead of the “Cart Page” is useless; people need to see what’s in their cart before they get sent off to PayPal! 🙁

    Isn’t there a CSS function you can give us, or a Javascript function you can give us, to modify its appearance (the PayPal button and the other button, “Proceed to Checkout” button)…..that are both affected when the PayPal button is put in the same div container on that page via your plugin????

    I was using Yellow Pencil (“Visual Composer”) to alter my sites in the past, but it messed things up too easily….its “global template” method of editing pages was often the only save option listed for pages at times, and that affected multiple pages on my websites. It was too powerful and did too much.

    BUT….it modified CSS on pages — even the CSS of pages in the Woo Commerce shop, the Storefront template (which is what I’m using and I believe the guy who posted this question above is using). So I know it’s possible to alter the look of the “Cart Page” via CSS.

    And I’m no CSS expert…but I at least know that. It’s possible.

    If you don’t want to update your plugin, please provide the CSS to modify the placement of that button inside the div container it’s in. Thanks!!!

    Oh, and P.S. — when the plugin is disabled, the “Proceed to Checkout” button is CENTERED inside that div container on the “Cart Page” just fine. And it’s larger, too.

    It’s not the template’s issue. It’s your plugin being “crammed in there” so to speak….the lack of space in the div container makes the “Cart” page place the “Proceed to Checkout” button and your plugin’s PayPal button shrink to fit in there, and because they’re both competing for space, they default to being left-justified.

    It’s not just “his template” either — see, I’m a different person entirely, and I’m having the same issue as he is. So it’s obviously not his template to blame. And I’ve “disabled” the plugin a few times ((temporarily)) since running across this issue yesterday, just to see if it would snap back to normal when your plugin is not active, and the “Proceed to Checkout” button is back to being centered and larger inside that div container on the page in my Woo Commerce Storefront template.

    Disabling the plugin’s appearance on that page permanently though is ridiculous. I hope you didn’t mean to do that!

    I mean…both he and I are having the same issue. Keep that in mind. And disabling it temporarily only gets the “Proceed to Checkout” button that was there before the plugin appeared to appear, well, normal.

    It’s not our templates that are “being buggy” here. So please provide us with a solution for it to show as centered, and not to default to CSS/javascript/HTML placements of left-justified. Again — there’s very little space for those two buttons to compete for inside that div on our Woo Commerce Storefront themes/templates. And because of that, the buttons get smaller to fit in there, and by default are left-justified. I don’t mind the shrinking as much as the being left-justified. Please help us with that.


    Plugin Contributor angelleye


    Maybe I misunderstood. I thought the request was to remove the PayPal button from the cart page, which is why I said I wouldn’t recommend that.

    Yes, adjusting CSS to suit your theme would be the way to fix it. You haven’t provided any links for me to see where this is happening, though, so I can’t provide any sort of specific feedback on this. Please do so and I’ll be happy to provide any info I can.

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