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  • Hello to WordPress users! I am a infantile word press user, just starting to look into it more, so please forgive me if my questions sound stupid, I am seeking to learn as much as I can for my job, where I am in charge of odifying the company webiste for a consulting firm that I work for. Here is our current site (We are indeed using a WordPress Template:

    Questions: By observing our site, could anyone point me in any good directions as to what specific template we are using? I know we are in the Genesis Framework, but I do not know what kind of details that entails.

    I am looking to either modify upon the existing template that we have, but was also poking around at other templates and this one caught my eye:

    But I don’t know if this is compatible with wordpress, as I believe it is coming from an outside source. If it is compatible, would I be able to transcend the information and coding that I have on the current website within this template, or is it a no all together becuase this template was created by an outside source?

    Also: If I were to moidfy upon the existing tempalte that we have, I would want to cut the wording down, add more pictures and re-position where the wording is in relation to the pictures. I also hope to add an RSS Feed for newsfeeds coming from companies that partner with us. Would that be possible with the current template that I am using?


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  • Brandon Kraft


    Happiness Engineer

    Hi dkouskou,

    You’re on the Enterprise theme by StudioPress, the creators of the Genesis framework. –

    If your company purchased the theme directly, someone should have a login for their support forum at if there are particular issues you’re having with that theme.

    With the theme you mention, I’m not personally familiar with that theme’s author. In all honesty, it can be hit and miss with themes purchased (“premium” doesn’t, by definition, mean better than the free ones at that go through an extensive review). The actual pages and posts should be able to be used with the theme you mentioned, but the widgets (the layout on the home page, the sidebar, etc) may or may not work well through a transition.

    Personally, I develop themes for clients using Genesis.

    For your Genesis theme, I’m assuming it is using a Genesis Featured widget (check out your home page widgets from your dashboard at Appearance->Widgets). With those, you can specify how many characters of content you want shown. Looking at the code, it may just be a text widget that you can edit directly there to say what you’d like it to say.

    When you say an RSS feed–do you mean display an external RSS feed on your site? If so, that’s a built-in widget within WordPress and should be able to be used with any theme.

    In short, what you like can most likely be done with your current theme.

    Hope that helps some!

    Thanks very much I really appreciate your help…I’m quite a newbie with all of this but am really eager to learn!

    Okay got it: We’re using the Enterpise Theme on StudioPress (is that completely individual from WordPress or is it a subsidary?)

    I checked out the author for the purchased theme, and he has good reviews, but I’im sure like you said it is a hit or miss. What’s attracting me to the WP-17 theme is the user friendliness and visual appeal of the website, you don’t have to go “Below the Fold,” just to get more information, and there are already embedded social media widgets and news feed available. In my perspective, this Enterprise on StudioPress has a lot of unnused background space that makesit kind of boring, but my boss is a fan of the saying “simpler is better” and I kind of agree.

    Thus, if I can I would like to be able to modify upon the template that we’re using, mostly in terms of changing the background color to green (we are in the sustainable, energy efficiency industry)

    Other Changes I’d like to make:
    –Adding social media widgets (the kind that link directly to our social media sites.)
    –And yes sorry to clarify: RSS feeds from other company sites with whom we do business

    And yes; It would be great to be able to modify upon the existing webiste, I just don’t know how much I can add onto it in terms of background color, adding more images, RSS Feed as well as embedded social media widgets.

    And did you go to scool for computer programming? You seem to know your stuff!

    Brandon Kraft


    Happiness Engineer

    Nope, self-taught. Always enjoyed computers and interests led me toward websites, then WordPress.

    StudioPress has no relationship to WordPress. It is one of many companies that specialize in WordPress products/services (and they produce themes only for WordPress). is a community product overseen by the WordPress Foundation. Automattic is a company that was created by the creators of WordPress and does a lot of commercial work (like Basically, that’s the intent of the “official” circle.

    Let me double check Enterprise. There are a couple of ways to change the background color and don’t recall offhand if one of them is supported. I’ll hit you back tonight (2:30 pm here currently).

    Adding social media widgets is pretty easy. StudioPress actually has a plugin that can take care of that (and there are plenty of others too).
    You can install it via Plugins->Add New-> and searching for “Simple Social Icons” and clicking install on what should be the first one (by NathanRice and StudioPress).

    After activating, it’ll add a new widget in Appearance->Widgets that you can drag to the widget area you’d like, then set it to whatever color and social networks you need.

    For the RSS feed, for each feed, you can add the RSS widget (in Appearance->Widgets) too. If you have multiple RSS feeds you want merged together, there may be an easier way to do it, but I’ve enjoyed using to splice/filter RSS feeds.

    My impression is what you’d like to do is relatively simple within your existing theme.

    ah I see and probably a lot of patience and self teaching.

    Okay got it: StudioPress is a company that produces themes only for WordPress.

    Okay glad to know that adding social media widgets is relatively simple..and yes I think it would be a good idea for me to start researching how to change the background color using the existing theme.

    For RSS feed, add the RSS widget as well and both social media as well as RSS feeds can be done by going through Apperance–Widgets.

    Thanks very much I really appreciate it!

    Brandon Kraft


    Happiness Engineer

    Hey dkouskou,

    Sorry for the delay!

    To change the background color in Enterprise, you should be able to go Appearance->Background in the WordPress admin interface.

    For example, using Enterprise, I changed the background on this site:

    I wouldn’t suggest that shade of green, but nevertheless, proof of concept. 🙂

    The grey stripe is a repeating image ( ) that you can change or edit/remove line 623 of /wp-content/themes/enterprise/style.css to do something else.

    Hope that helps!

    Oh great!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    I’ll keep ya posted on my progress, should be getting username and password soon from boss….thanks you’ve been an angel!!

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