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    I am trying to test if a page is the default wordpress Blog landing page..

    i created a page named blog and this is different than the home page. The $post->ID for blog is 13

    usually i could test for $post->ID, but because it has blog articles, the post ID becomes the ID the the first article in the list instead of 13…

    Also, i only want to check for this page, if it is a category, article, author,etc.. listing I do not want these pages.. i only want the initial page for the blog

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  • Hi Josh, thanks for the help… i think i am missing something though…

    if (is_page(‘creative-blog’)) { echo “blog”;} else { echo”not blog”; }

    this always echos “not blog”, what is wrong with my if statement

    (the slug is actually named creative-blog

    What is it exactly you are wanting to do?

    Are you making a page template and running this code from the template?

    So i tried some other code

    $post = get_post($post->ID);
    $slug = $post->post_name;
    echo $slug;
    if ( $slug == “creative-blog”) { echo “blog”;} else { echo”not blog”; }

    the problem is slug variable always changes to the top article in the list , even thought the URL reads /creative-blog

    What i am doing is this…

    the Blog landing page will have a very specific style including header and menu….. the other pages (categories, tags, single, etc…) will have a different style..

    So i need to isolate the very first page people land on when they click my blog link, the page i designated in dashboard – settings – reading – Posts page:

    i am running this code is the header.php and functions page

    What is the url to that landing page?


    I mean, do you have it live?

    i am dumping my variable in the top left corner..

    you will notice the SLUG echo is correct for every page except Blog, on blog it turns into the first article

    Let’s try this:

    if(is_front_page()) {

    this works fine.. but it isnt the front page so no good to me

    How do you have your settings configured of what page to display be default?

    settings -> general -> reading

    Why don’t you just make a page template… and assign that as your blog main page?

    This will give the page an ID… which can then be used for conditional formatting.

    i have blog choosen

    ok, i copied and pasted index.php, named it blog-landing page.. and gave it template tag

    i wnet into pages – blog and told choosen that as my template..

    makes no difference..

    this is a huge hole in wordpress, the blog landing page does not seem to exist as a actual page

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 34 total)
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