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  1. lk85021
    Posted 2 years ago #

    For various reasons, our Google Analytics code has dropped off the site a few times. When this has happened, I've gone a few days without tracking. I've worked on remedying why it was happening... I want a way to get an alert if it ever happens again. I am on my second analytics plugin, but the problem is not related to the use of the analytics plug in.

    What service, plugin, webmaster tool could I use?? I don't see a plugin that will text me if the javascript disappears.

    I looked at webmaster tools and I did not receive messages the various times the code was deleted, so I'm not confident there. I did set up mail forwarding there, to cover that base.

    I've looked at various things like ifftl and watchthatpage.com but they don't cover this issue.


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