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  • This is a problem with not wordpress, but it seems the blip description is only loading a <u /> for whatever reason. After looking around the site I found a link to their blog where they say they upgraded.

    My suggestion is check look at the sites that stop working first.

    I got rid of <u /> in one of the posts that had everything underlined…and it got rid of the underlining for all the posts that had all the texts underlined

    As to why only one movie plays embedded on my site, while the others, when clicked on try to download a flv file…I still don’t know

    Mark inform me the videos are not playing on my site (and instead asking to download .flv) is an issue with WordPress HTML filtering. Trying to work out now

    my site currently on plays the nimbin vid, all other vids just download flv file have just informed me why the videos dont play embedded in my site and instead just try and download flv:

    So I think the problem here is that WordPress thinks it’s smarter than
    you. This causes problems in two ways.

    First of all, when you use their rich text editor to edit (or copy &
    paste) anything that includes JavaScript or Flash, it tears the whole
    thing apart because it’s not sure if you’re writing code that’s supposed
    to be interperted or writing stuff that’s supposed to appear verbatim.

    The second problem is that WordPress, after already kind of uncertainly
    treating the copy & paste code (or the cross-posted code when you edit
    it) will then try to “balance” and otherwise “fix” your HTML. This,
    again, can cause all sorts of problems with “advanced” code. Believe me
    when I say that we never send a “<u />” through to you. That’s
    something that WordPress did because it thought it should. I’m sure
    that at some point something was underlined, and it’s likely that WP’s
    parser couldn’t easily find the end of the thing that was underlined.
    Something like that.

    this might help people getting their videos hosted at – my vids wouldnt play on site, only ask to download flv, here is’s solution:

    “OK. I just took a look at this. Here’s the problem:

    <script type=”text/javascript”></script><script

    That’s what our code looks like in the ones that don’t work. Here’s
    what it’s supposed to look like (and what it looks like on your most
    recent one):

    <script type=”text/javascript”

    So what did you do differently with these two? My guess would be that
    you may have used different accounts to cross-post them, that you may
    have changed permissions for the account you are using (giving the
    account more permission to write more advanced HTML) or that you edited
    those previous posts in the Rich Text Editor (which means that they
    would have worked at first, but broken after you edited them).”

    only solution seems to be re cross posting my vids from…and hoping the problem doesnt happen again

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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