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  • Hello

    When I add a checkbox function in my Contact form i get the result like this

    Text 1
    Text 2
    Text 3

    [] = the checkbox

    I want it to be like

    [] text 1 [] text 2 [] text 3

    Have tried several different codes I found here on the forum but nothing happens to the form.

    I am trying to edit in “change CSS” from jetpack.



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  • Are you telling CF7 to use label elements? Something like this should align them the way you want:

    [checkbox checkbox-754 use_label_element "option1" "option2" "option3"]

    Unless your theme is adding additional styles that could be forcing the label to act differently, and in that case a link to a page containing the form would do wonders for helping you troubleshoot.

    I just tried that but nothing happened.
    Maybe then my theme is affecting the checkbox. But as I scrolled through the editor page I could not find anything that should affect contactform 7.

    Are there any other methods I can use to get what I want?

    Can you share a link to a page with the form on it? You likely just need some CSS to move it around.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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