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  • I notice that certain date fields don’t get saved either….

    And when i enter a date like 05-02-1977 it shows after saving like 1 january 1970?
    I’m lost, all persistent checkboxes are emptied.

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    I need a little more information to go on here. These checkboxes, which screen are you having this trouble on? If the checkboxes are fields that you have defined, what are the values that you have defined for them?

    For the date problem, what is the general date format for your WP site? Do you have “strict dates” enabled in the plugin settings?

    checkbox problem is on the ‘Edit Existing Participant Record’ page, but if i add a new participant they won’t get saved either.
    Radio buttons do get saved by the way.

    For the dates i use like ’12 december 2012′ as standard setting, i have the strict dates setting not enabled.

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    The plugin will expect dates to be entered in the same format as your general setting, but this may not fix the problem because PHP can have trouble interpreting dates like the one you mention (how would it know which number was the month?) so the solution is to use the “strict dates” setting, then make sure all dates are entered in that format. Usually it’s a good idea to put the expected format into the “help” field so people know what’s expected.

    What are the “values” you have set for your checkboxes?

    OK, i’ll remove all the dates and enter them manually (they came from a csv with file in the dd-mm-yy format).
    Just thinking to prevent entering all dates again, could i import the file again with the basic wp setting to dd-mm-yy and then after import change again to full date format?

    I had no value set for a single checkbox since i assumed it is either selected or not (‘yes or no’).
    But i guess it needs a value for the database and i see that the value is not displayed.
    It solved my problem, thank you

    Ok, dates work fine now, although import from csv still gave problems, entering them manually now.
    One more thing i noticed, i removed all records from the database and imported the csv file. All ‘date recorded’ and ‘date updated’ are on 1 january 1970. And even after modifying a participant the ‘date updated’ remains at 1 january 1970.

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    I have an update coming out today that solves your problem with the “date updated” fields. The data is storing fine, it’s just a problem with them displaying when “strict dates” is set.

    You can change the format once the data has been imported because dates are stored as timestamps, so they can be converted into any format you like once they are stored.

    ok cool, i’ll check it out and let you know

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