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  • Just realized that this is working as intended. It is great and exactly what I needed. Is there a way I can get the checkbox and abstract for only one document? I have the documents divided up in sections and every once in a while I only need one.

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  • I’m not quite sure what you’re asking .. can you elaborate?

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    [email-download download_id="2294,2297" contact_form_id="3553"]


    [email-download download_id="2294" contact_form_id="3553"]

    would give the same check box with title and description.

    The way it works now, I have to manually put the title and description in for a single download (second code line above). And it automatically shows the form. Since I have some groups of info that only have one document, I kind of hacked it for now.
    [email-download download_id="2294," contact_form_id="3553"]
    gives me a lost check box underneath. I am working on hiding it.

    If there is an easier way to do it within the plugin I would love it. But if I am the only one asking for it I can understand deferring this request.

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I’m sorry, I don’t understand what it you’re doing or asking exactly. It sounds like you’re maybe not quite using things correctly but have kind of adapted around it maybe.

    So, just to be clear, there is no description that gets displayed. There is only the file title (meaning the title of the file from Download Monitor). While Download Monitor has fields for file description, that does not appear in any way using EBD.

    The way EBD works, you fill in the form and hit submit and (assuming you chose ‘inline’ or ‘both’) then it gives you a link to download the file and that link is the file title. That’s for single download.

    Or, if you’re doing checkboxes for multiple downloads, then EBD will show several file titles with checkboxes next to each. You fill in the form, hit submit, and then several links will appear (one for each file you checked) and each of those links will allow you to download that file and the link text itself is the file title.

    I’m not sure where you’re getting file description … maybe you are typing that into the wordpress page itself or something like that? Or maybe you’ve gone way back in these support tickets and found where I detailed several php changes one could make to email-before-download.php to cause the file description to appear?

    Not sure…

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    It works just fine and as described. I was looking for an alternative to what you have on your website demo for a single download. It simply displays the form. I wanted the look of the multi-document download for a single document. I was hoping for an easy php mod but I didn’t find it in the support tickets. How long ago was that?

    Oh I think I finally understand what you mean. You want to do a single download but have it display a checkbox next to it. Yeah it doesn’t do that. I don’t have any php mod to do that either. Sorry.

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    That’s okay. I still love the plugin, does exactly what I want and I am working around the “content singleton case.”

    I’m working on the same thing.

    I’ve managed to hide the unused checkbox. Simply adding this jquery to the page I’m using the Email Before Download plugin.


    It takes the checkbox with name “ebd_download[]” and value “” (There is only one).
    Then I hide it so the user can’t see this.

    Hope it helps to you.

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