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  • ditto.

    Yup. I’m guessing this is the reason persistence isn’t working for me. Tried saving setting using Chrome and Firefox. No luck.

    maybe you could both start new threads with the same title to help this issue get attention??

    this is really crucial to my project ..

    I’m having the same problem and can get no support. The box doesn’t remain checked and I don’t understand how to get users to login to Gravity Forms for it to remember their form. Help!

    I have sent two emails over two days to the developer of the add-on, have tried Firefox, have tried postings, but no luck whatsoever. Have you heard anything at all that will resolve this checkbox issue?

    I accept that for whatever reason the author of this free – and potentially useful – plugin is unable or unwilling to support it. The git post I saw said not to expect support or updates so I’ll take him at his word. Seems ripe to be forked.

    i’ve tried contacting the plugin through every method i could think of, no luck

    if anyone finds a solution, please post it, thanks all

    I got it to work!

    It looks like the add-on was written for an older version of Gravity Forms (just a guess). It was injecting the JavaScript code that enables the option after clicking on the check box in the wrong GF Settings page.

    The solution is simple:

    Open the plugin file and look in line 134 for:
    add_action("gform_editor_js", "editor_script_persistency");

    Change for
    add_action("gform_advanced_settings", "editor_script_persistency");

    Good Luck!


    you rock! bestest, most awesomest post i’ve ever seen.

    thank you for saving my bacon!

    Nordov, your website link is broken?

    any chance you could add a function to autosave every certain amount of time?

    LOL I don’t know what I was thinking 😛 (I am still working on it so no big deal here -Yet!)

    I just found the add-on today and fixed it when I encountered the problem.

    I am right now working on a very long form that triggered me to find this solution so I need to finish it first to run all tests but I like your idea.

    Once I am done with it I’ll look into it.

    great, thanks, i just sent you an email

    awesome work

    Nordov, pls send me an email at justin at lallo dot net as your contact form isn’t working


    Thanks so much – now Persistence works! I just hope it continues to work with new WP updates.

    Now how to get the users to login? My login message is displayed, but does not direct them anywhere. Do they need to sign up for a WP account to do this?

    that’s an entirely different conversation … depending on what version of gravity forms you have, there are different plugins to help

    User Registration

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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