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  • What about having a checkbox beside each post to show that the user question was answered? Right now you don’t know without clicking. This would make it easier for those who who provide answers to users asking questions.

    i.e. when you’re writing the post some dialog box on the bottom you could click on before hitting send post to show that the problem was solved.

    Maybe leave it unchecked by default and it would only show a check mark in the main list of questions if the problem was solved, otherwise you’d see nothing. prehaps after the freshness section.


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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Who would check it ?

    I would love to have some sort of utility like this, but it’s practical use would not work.

    Who judges a correct answer ?
    It is perfectly feasible that the first answer could be right but that the person asking does not understand it and unchecks the mark.

    It is also possible that someone unchecks (or checks) an answer which uses technical language or which uses simpler language.

    We would certainly have certain people who inhabit here checking their answers to people both before the asker had seen it and when their answer was clearly wrong to everyone else on the planet.

    There could also be a call for statistics about who answers the most right, who deserves this / that / the other.

    Here I go again, stomping all over ideas proposed …. I hope you don’t see it that way. This has been talked about before and it is definitely something that would be good, but for the reasons above and more it becomes impractical. Which is a shame.

    For now, I would suggest that good answers could be tagged in some way and maybe moved to the Codex FAQ ?

    In the end though, there is only one person who can say whether a question was answered – the person who asked it. And that is why it is both great for the answerer and even better for the community when someone posts back and says “Cheers, that worked!!”

    Good point Podz,

    but if the only person could check it off would be the person that asked the question wouldn’t that solve most of the problems?

    You could do it so that all it does was do the check box no statistics on who answered the most questions. Because even if the last answer solved the problem, it may have been built on a previous answer.

    An answer thrown out by one person may have worked for that person but may not work for the person asking the question. Sometimes implementing a highly technical answer requires a highly technical person which many on these forums are but not all.

    The person who posts the question would be the only one who can decide if it’s answered.

    sound better?


    there could also be a call for statistics about who answers the most right, who deserves this / that / the other.

    maybe someone will build a plugin

    Looks like someone put it into action. They also did it so only the person that asked the question can check it off as resolved.

    “# Topic started __ ago
    # __ posts so far
    # Latest reply from __
    # This topic is

    resolved/not resolved/not a support question.”

    Hope this is useful for those who help others with WP questions here.


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