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  • Hi,

    I’d very much like to have a checkbox in user profile “Send me your Newsletter” (for registered users). Checkbox might also be useful in registration from or in a woocommerce-cart. Is there any chance, to get it?

    I use UserMetaPro-Plugin and (hope to) get some data from fields from other plugins.
    However, in table “wp_usermeta” I can only find an field for the custom field, but no other field. If there were a field in this or any other table which stores information, which user is a newsletter-subscriber, I might have had a chance to get this data into the user profile and furthermore might be able to subscribe or unsubscribe by checking this field. See what I mean? However, I did not find any ny-specific field except the custom field (which is empty in my table). Any idea?
    INdeed very courious! Thomas

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