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    Hi there,

    I’m trying to set a conditional logic for this scenario: when a checkbox is checked on Contact Form 7 form, sign user to this specific list on Mailerlite. Here is an image of the foeld I’m having trouble with https://prnt.sc/w8pz80 and two related questions:

    1 – How can I make the CF7 checkbox appear among the “form field” options?
    2 – What would be the logic equivalent to checkbox being checked? Form field equal to what, exactly?

    Thanks in advance


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  • Plugin Author Nasir Ahmed



    CF7 checkbox has a name when used in the form field. The default name is like checkbox-123. Select that and use “contains” logic and the selected value you want to match. Please check the screenshot.




    I identified the checkbox, but how would I identify the “selected value” to be matched in this scenario (i.e. only subscribe user to this list if checkbox is checked)? I tried using part of the CF7 tag’s label, but it didn’t work.

    This is the tag generated by CF7: [checkbox Language-PT label_first use_label_element “Selecione para receber em português”]

    Thanks for your help!

    Plugin Author Nasir Ahmed



    In your case “Selecione para receber em português” (without quote) or part of it should work if you use “contains” logic.

    If there is only one value, you can try the acceptance checkbox that always returns 1 if checked. So you can set logic as “equal to” 1.

    Thanks, I was able to trigger the sign up email

    Now I’m trying to do the opposite, i.e. if the person doesn’t check the checkbox, the details would be added to another list. So each form has two integrations: checked to sign up to list 1 and unchecked to sign up to list 2.

    But I wasn’t able to to make this second scenario (unchecked) work. I tried with both “equal to” “0” and “does not contain” “Selecione para receber em português”. It works by itself, but not when both integrations for the same form are active. Am I missing something else or this isn’t possible?

    Again, thank you very much for all your help.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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