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    When I add a field to a form, its required to every form?

    My Example:
    I have a german and a english form with diffrent kind of lists.
    So I made the very unclean solution for GDPR with a HTML Link and a extra checkbox (

    But in the german form the english data privacy Checkbox is required and in the english form the german data privacy…

    What’s the solution?
    My clients are a little pissed about that damn checkbox topic. Acually I dont know why I should sell them MailPoet Premium anymore…


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  • Hi Paul,

    That’s because we have added custom field validation to subscription forms which checks whether mandatory fields are included in the form submission.

    If a custom field is set to be mandatory, it has to be included in all forms.

    You’d need to have the same mandatory checkbox field for both of them.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    When is that bug fixed? It doesent make sence to make it mandatory for every form if the field doesent is in that form included.

    If there is no fix planed I have to search for another plugin for my clients.

    Hi Paul,

    This is not a bug to be fixed. However, we take your feedback very seriously and will reconsider this behaviour for the mandatory fields, okay?

    Thank you!

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    when do you have a solution for that?
    I need this tool or a solution very quick.

    I have to make a new subscription for some clients, but if I cant use it to make it multilingual I have to search for another solution. In Ge

    Thank you!

    it seems to me (i hope this what i do now) that to follow the GDPR rules it’s not mandatory to have a checkbox, in this case you must tell exactly what you will do with the subscriber’s adress.

    Have a look at the newsletter form in the footer’s CNIL website, it is the French Data Protection Authority, they dont have a checkbox but explain very well what they’ll do and they also provide a link to the legals page.

    hope that helps

    I have the same problem. You’re basically not allowing developers to have a ‘Quick Subscribe’ using email only and then a longer format form somewhere else on the site with mandatory fields. This makes absolutely no sense.

    We WANT to be able to have mandatory fields on other forms that gets ignored on shorter format forms.

    PS the bug is related to using multiple forms with the SAME LIST – this is an important feature to have imo.


    Being able to specify different mandatory fields in each subscribe forms is not only a GDPR matter. It is simply a necessity if you manage multiple lists with multiple purposes. It is a MAJOR feature in my opinion.

    Although I’m totally fan of the rest of the features of MailPoet, I’m sadly considering using another plugin for this only reason.

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    When we will have this problem solved?
    We pay for that sh**, so get up and do something! @wysija

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