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  • Please i need help.
    I have created a checkbox in the checkout page, so that when clients clicked on the checkbox he will receive a gift so far everything goes well.
    Now i have decided to make validation on this checkbox, this validation occurs using the phone number of the client, which means if the client of a specific phone number (this is known through the comparison of the phone number inserted and that saved in the database) have received a gift (which is saved in the database where billing checkbox created is equal to 1) the client will not receive another gift.
    I have written a code and add an error in order to know if everything seems right but it is not working

    add_action( 'woocommerce_checkout_process', 'wc_remove_checkout_fields11' );
    function wc_remove_checkout_fields11($current_user_id){
            $current_user_id = get_current_user_id();
            $phone = get_user_meta($current_user_id ,'_billing_phone',true);
    	    $billing1= get_user_meta($current_user_id ,'_billing_checkbox',true); 
      if (isset( $_POST['billing_checkbox']) ) {
    		if($phone==$phone2 && $billing1==1){
    			 wc_add_notice( 'we already have a user with the same mobile number and has recieved the gift', 'error' );
    			remove_action('woocommerce_after_checkout_validation', 'place_test_request211',10,1 );
    	elseif($phone==$phone2 && $billing1==0){
    		wc_add_notice('phone equal but not recieved a gift','error');
    		 add_action(  'woocommerce_after_checkout_validation', 'place_test_request211',10,1 );  

    This is my code where i have added action inside the if clause in order not to stop the action of adding a gift, and remove action to stop the action of adding a gift. but it is not working. any advise and help please

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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