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  • Mate

    Check out my new WP site… Yeah, yeah, it’s very basic right now… need to setup colors, etc…

    Do you have a question?
    Or is this advance pubicity for the Paris Hilton Sex Tape?

    Well, since this is in the “Your WordPress” forum, I’m guessing that they are plugging there site… we’ve all done it…. and if you haven’t, you know you want to….. c’mon…. everyone else is doing it….

    As a side note, fasteddie, people around here tend to be a little cautious and don’t just click on links w/o knowing what they are getting, others on the other hand just go wild at the prospect…. at any rate, how about a little intro on what your site is about?

    its a regular blog. how threatening can it be?

    Heh… are we all that paranoid that we won’t click on a link until we know what it is? I don’t use Windows, and I am wearing the latest in NetCondom technology, so what have I got to lose?
    ** clicky clicky **

    I’m not selling anything… 😛
    Just a blog, messed up the title of this thread though, as I wasn’t quite sure of my password.

    Ahh, there, I guess I wasn’t registered after all! Anyways, posted a bunch of random stuff today. WordPress is great! Though I definitely need to work on my site’s template and colors, etc…

    If I were at home I woulda *clickity*clicked* but at work….. all traffic is monitored so I have to be carefull where I go…. that is all….

    fasteddie if you have got access to the Paris Hilton download; then heck; Bring it on. A lot of folks are going to want to see it. If I wasn’t senile I would enjoy it myself :).

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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