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    I am the admin of about 120 sites that all use NinjaFirewall (free or pro). Sometimes it happens, that the firewall is disabled (update breaks, other admin deletes .user.ini by accident, …).

    So I’m searching for a possibility to check the status of the firewall of all these sites. Is there a possibility to call an URL pof the site to check if the Firewall is still up and running? Or any other possibility?


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    There are 2 possibilities:
    -You can use a script to trigger the firewall. For instance, send a HEAD request to the site such as http://domain.tld/?ninjatest=%00, the firewall will block it and return a 403 Forbidden HTTP code (unless you change the return code from the “Firewall Options” page). If you receive another HTTP code, then you know there’s something wrong.
    -If you have at least one premium license, you can use the “Centralized Logging” feature to check all sites (free or premium). If on the remote site the .ini file was deleted or the site crashes, it won’t return the log, but an error instead.

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