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  • I am having issues with the cart/ check out and shipping????

    I use to have wp ecom but swtiched 🙂 the only thing is it broke my entire site and I just got done adding 65+ products with descriptions and 100’s of attributes and variations..(I just hope someone can help because I dont want to lose anything and have to redo 4 days worth of work :/)

    Once I was done i figured i would try the check out process and test everything. Well I add my product to my cart and it works (yay) but then when I hit check out it gives me a 404 page?? I checked and my perma link is set to post name and the pages were created when i installed woocommerce so I have no idea whats going on.. can any one help me out??

    I am alos having issues with shipping. I am a designer and designed a ton of designs for print products I get from a 3rd party. I only have the weight of the item (ex: 1,000 Buisness cards weigh 5lbs). Is there a way to set up shipping per item and per weight? or is there a better option?

    my supplier ships UPS on thier own UPS number. I get charged once i place the order on my end but I need to charge my clients so I dont have to eat any profits for shipping.. any options would be awesome

    I hope someone can help..


    Smurk 🙂

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