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  • Running in to some really frustrating check out problems.

    1. The Off Line Payment method does not work. If you only store part of the number the customer can’t enter in the whole number because the middle sets of numbers are x’d out. The customer needs to be able to enter these in some where. The alternative is to store the credit card numbers but they are not stored with any encryption which is not secure. The credit card info either needs to be stored with encryption or not stored in the same location intact. My favorite method is to store only the last 4 and then send the first 12 to a secure email account.

    The frustrating thing is this is a deal breaker for me. I either have to develop this properly or find a patch to make this work properly. Or maybe a plugin to work with paypal pro.

    Other problems.

    2. The address parts of the check out are all backwards. I’ve been doing ecommerce sites for 12+ years. You need to have address, city, state, zip and country…..and in that order. For those of us that can fill these forms out in our sleep changing the order of this stuff makes it a real pain.

    3. When you select a payment method like credit card you don’t get the option to enter in the card number right away. This horribly confusing. You need to just have that credit card form there right away.

    4. No SSL support in the system. I suppose I can put the whole site under an ssl but that’s not usually the best solution…..

    5. Order emails seem to get sent prior to finishing the order.

    6. My account has a error Call to undefined function tcp_the_my_addresses_url()

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