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    This is my second site playing with WordPress. I’m working on my skills in PHP and JavaScript so a lot of the plugins are pretty much un altered for the most part – other then that it’s all from CSS.

    This is built with WordPress (duh) and utilizes Foundation Framework so that it’s responsive and easily built. I use it for all my work. As for the big plugins I’ve utilized bbPress, JetPack, Facebook, MailChimp, SuperSlider login and Breadcrumb Trail (which i’m not quite happy with as of yet).

    Anyhow, I’m looking for feedback on it overall. I keep going back and changing things every day trying to create a great site, but now I feel it’s time for some feedback. I’ll take the good and the bad – thanks in advance!

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  • Very nice! What theme is that?

    I’m using FoundationPress, but there is almost nothing left of it except the basic php theme layouts.

    It looks really nice.

    When you say:

    there is almost nothing left of it except the basic php theme layouts.

    Do you mean you altered the theme or did you create a child theme?

    If you altered the core theme, could I suggest creating a child theme instead? This way your theme will still be eligible for updates from the theme creator. Just a thought, but I know that might not be the easiest process for you to convert to a child theme.

    All in all, it really is a beautiful layout. Great job.

    It is from altering the core theme. I didn’t know about child themes until after I went to town on this one. In the future I’m hoping to recreate this one as a child theme before I create my first actual theme as well.

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    Nice looking site. 🙂 Clean, nice use of css and design overall looks very good.

    I would most certainly take @dzawacki ‘s advice on learning about the use of child themes if you are going to be building sites for other people. The last thing you want is for clients sites to suddenly break when a plugin/theme is updated!

    Good luck for the future!

    Thank you thank you 🙂 – I guess I know what my next project is then ha.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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