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  • Please leave your opinion on the theme currently used at

    It’s been made in Safari, checked in Firefix and validated XHTML + CSS. I still have to check it in IE though.

    Well, ok, I did use one IE hack for maxwidth already. Therefore it doesn’t validate 100% css… but what can a man do. I’ll check IE 7 how that works out 🙂

    Thanks, Martijn

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  • i think that is pretty nice looking. However, I don’t like that gray bar at the top. I’d much rather just have the page start white, and have the “skip to main content or navigation” line in whitespace in the same place.

    i was not able to bring up anything for some reason .. i will try it again and post back to you a thought.

    I like the look very much. Don’t like having all the navigation links at the bottom of the page, though.

    I changed the grey bar at the top to green integrating it more with the site.

    Lay out is finished, thanks for the input. Compatibility is checked against Safari, Firefox, and IE6 and 7. Now only Opera is left (anyone?) and wrap up.

    Opera 9 beta loves it. 🙂

    Cool, thanks! I also did Opera 8.5 now and that’s cool too. Didn’t use it before, nice browser.

    It is released! See the site.

    I dig it!

    Absoloutly great! I’m going through the .css now changing the colours and fonts and so forth for use… I assume all the fonts are in style.css? The reason I ask is, using Photoshop to find the hex of the green headers (99cc00), I then can’t find that in the design itself…any idea why?

    Cool dss, thx. Nudger: sure all colors a in css. Can’t validate if not and it would also be bad design. Look for hex shorthand: 99cc00 is the same as 9c0 and that’s what I usually use. If you’re on Osx try using CSSedit, it shows you the styles in the colors that are set.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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