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  • Check out my BlixMac theme:

    I’m a web designer for many years but relatively new to using WordPress (about six months now). I love the Blix them and use it on my site (modified of course). I just created a new Blix mod theme which I call BlixMac for the Mac-like treatment to the colors and graphics. Check it out!

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  • This going to be available for download? 🙂

    That’s a very nice theme! 🙂 I like it a lot…hope you decide to release it.


    Well done!

    Hmmm. If I did decide to release BlixMac, I’d need to change the top graphic. Do you think the graphic would look too plain once I removed my logo and text? Do you like the icons or should I simple show a Mac blue desktop? Thanks for the nice feedback.

    I’l love to use this template kindly release it.

    I actually quite like the theme. It’s strong and clear. I do like the icons a lot. Room for improvement:

    • stretch the buttons to remove the last partial “button”
    • Magnify the buttons on hover, just like the dock 🙂
    • Rounded corners are a bit rough
    • The parts (top, posts, sidebar) seem to be a bit “loose” from each other. No clue how o solve this but I did notice.
      Please return the favor and comment my site:

    Beautiful theme, I like it very much, wish you release it. thank you.

    Now this is a sweet azz Blix! =) Great job on it..

    “I’d need to change the top graphic.”

    Hell yeah I would, as to this:

    “Do you think the graphic would look too plain once I removed my logo and text? Do you like the icons or should I simple show a Mac blue desktop?”

    No, I’d just make another image a “blank one” that kinda blends with the nav background imagery a little bit..maybe add a Firefox wallpaper image that has the same color texture to it. I have one that would look sweet in there.×600.jpg

    But personally…I wouldn’t release it. I know others might get mad at my last reply…but that “should be” your own really..and not for release.. But if you’re going to be generous…that’s cool too. =)


    I have decided to release my theme!

    However I will be changing the top graphic a bit. Afterall, I have to keep a unique aspect of my site. I’ll probably also make a few minor tweaks to the design and code to tidy it up a bit.

    Stay tuned for a future post with the link hopefully coming soon.

    Most excellent! Bravo and thank you! 🙂

    Awesome! =) Rubs hands together violently and waits for download linkage… LOL! =)


    Love it!

    Very nice theme.

    nice. and thanks for releasing it. I personally probably won’t use it, but it’s fairly unique, and more unique themes=less blogs using kubrick

    I think the theme looks nice, too… but it brings up a good question.

    How much does one have to modify an existing theme before it become a “new version” of that theme, or just a tweaked existing version? For instance, my theme I’m using now started off as Blix but I’ve slowly transmogrified it into a distinctly seperate beast.

    I like your theme, don’t get me wrong… but it just looks like Blix to me.

    Somebody slap me if I’m sounding too anal. 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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