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  1. jabecker
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I recently completely rewrote my theme from the ground up. The general layout is now based on Mike Purvis' "Jello Mold."

    My url is http://www.persistentillusion.com

    I've tested it under WinXP in FF, NS7, IE7/6/5.5/5.0. I'd appreciate it if a few people could take it for a test drive and see if they can find anything broken. I'm especially interested in knowing how it looks on a Mac.

    I already know that the heading width breaks in IE6 at resolutions of 800x600 or less. Since that represents < 7% of my visitors, it's a low-priority item. (It's OK in the other browsers I tested.)

    Validation errors appear to be courtesy of WP, not the theme templates.

    I didn't change the look and feel, only what was under the covers. So I'm not really looking for a critique of my theme. Just want to know if it breaks in browsers I can't test.


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