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  • chaoz23


    Started blogging a month or so and this is what I was able to do with my current wordpress setup =) I like to keep things simple.

    suggestions are welcome so I can improve the site.

    thanks! =)

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  • qforquack


    Very nice! Simple is good.



    Hey that looks great I like your top graphic.

    The only thing that you might want to do is add 1 or 2 skyscraper adds below your “Recent Readers”

    If you get a chance could you check out my first blog site<br>
    Good Luck!




    hmmm skyscraper… I’ll put that in mind, since I already have a small ads sense in between, I may replace that for the skyscraper, but have to see if the skyscraper will still clean enough 🙂



    Yah, well you can make sure you edit the ad format to match your style to be sure it’s clean.

    You have alot of white space toward the bottom of your blog

    It’s almost a relief for a reader to be able to glance over at an auction add or a nice image ad.
    I also noticed a pretty wide gap between your “Ads” title and your addsense ad on the right. I don’t know if you can do anything but it looks a bit funny.

    Other that that I really like your double column right layout.

    jst my 2 cents



    well i added the skyscraper, didn’t look good at that time so i transfered stuffs from the right to the left column and move some widgets around to see what it may look.

    have a peek 🙂



    yah I totally like the look.. it looks slick man.
    everything fits together really well

    that shoutmix add on is pretty sweet also

    i wonder, are there any good RSS feed widget/plugins? i like to post feeds from another person’s blog 🙂


    I love the themes from glued ideas. Have you played with some of their add on styles that they released? 🙂

    yah i love their theme… slick, simple and clean .. 😉 what add on style do you mean? the default one? or the K2 plugin that was needed for the sidebar widgets to work properly?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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