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  • Hello

    I have add some plugins (wp super cache, minify) and cloudflare cdn. I have a lowering of visits, and i don’t know if on some countries, website don’t works.

    Can you check it and say me if works, and which country?


    Site is

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  • I looked and mechanically it works. I would imagine anyone landing on your site would run away screaming.

    Way too much clutter, confusion and haphazard mindless get rich quick scams, schemes, etc.. Nobody vists BECAUSES your site scream spam. What are you thinking? Its like electronic junk mail. If you must try to pedal this kind of junk pick one or two, not fifty!

    I do not understand what you mean. I appreciate a criticism more constructively to improve our website. Anyway thank you for your help


    Ever hear the expression “less is more”?

    The point I was trying to make is even after translating to English I still had no idea what your site was about or what you’re trying to push. Its a smorgasbord of spam. There’s no focus.

    hi Javier.Promonet,
    I can’t understand the language so won’t comment on the content,

    Your domain seems brandable, sweet and short. The logo is good too.

    The theme is good, your sidebar is optimized with social media as well.

    Overall, it is a good blog, keep it updated and best of luck with it,

    Thanks for your comments staytamed. We work hard to improve.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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