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    Unless you’re a developer of that theme, tips won’t benefit you.

    A very nice WP Site. What kind of suggestions you need to have?

    I would suggest you refer to your sources… Unless you are the knower of all? LOL I think you get my drift on that. I like the concept.


    But the sources aren’t referring to anyone neither ? Do are they the knower of all ? LOL

    I am not understanding your grammar? When you state facts it is nice to know where One got those facts is all I noticed.
    When I search for information, unless the facts are backed by reliable sources I tend to ignore them. It is the internet…..That was my constructive criticism of your page. If you state Bill Gates donates ‘X’ amount of dollars refer to the source you found that out, is all, etc…

    @netcom I totally understand. I’ll start implementing sources in my posts.

    With Google One of the Biggest search engines around. Setting their algorithms to look for content that brings stats, figures, and facts to the table to rank. Having external links to Wiki will not only rank you up better. (If you have Joust SEO plugin you would know <-see the source, and how it reassures instead of hearsay?) It will give you credibility to a searcher and may even get you bookmarked as a trusted hub of information. My intentions on here are always designed to be helpful, and not negative. BTW.. Good luck.


    Thank you bro!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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