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  • Hello, I am new here,

    I just finished my online portfolio fully powered by WordPress (gotta love wordpress), tableless CSS. Take a look and tell me what you think of the layout:

    Important: I made a decision to ignore the rules of Webdesign, and went ahead making a heavy website, since im an artist, I went for quality/animations instead of light weight/fast load time.

    It runs smooth on IE 5.5 and 6 (only with a few bugs), I highly recommend to view with Firefox, IE 7, Safari or Opera. Desktop 1200 pixels wide, and a fast internet connection.

    Thats all Thanks!

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  • fixed more bugs now, I think its a beta version so far.


    I can’t read the content.

    The design is quite a tour de force — very cool, and it’s impressive.

    The only thing is that the content is hard to read — white against such an elaborate background is headache-producing. You might consider having the text against a more muted background.

    But your feat in putting together an unusual navigation layout and elaborate background images is really impressive — just don’t forget usability!

    yeah, I agree with the background, I am myself having trouble reading lol. Have plans on a more “almost black” glass.


    fixed 16 bugs, including background readability.


    takes a long time to load, you will lose users unless you can speed it up, you have over 40 items to download on the homepage, i checked one it was 42k making your home page a 1M+ download (if average size is 42k and you have 40 items, total download is 1.6M), you might be able to save some time by dropping the colours from 32 bit to 24, not sure if that affects the transparency

    don’t get me wrong it looks amazing, but you need to consider your users too, and if it doesn’t open when they click they wont be there long




    its different, Ill give you that. Not at all my cup of tea, but to each their own. 🙂

    Yeah its really heavy.. I just decided to go for it, to see what happens. BTW, the front page is the only heavy thing, once you click on any link you get to a light weight page under 300k.

    I think it will be ok.. it takes 40 seconds to load here with a 1mbps internet. And my visitors are 99% High Speed gamers.

    I appreciate the help ^^ 24 bits might help.
    + fixed 9 bugs.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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