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  • Hello,

    AVH Extended Categories Widgets plugin was working perfectly well until today when I updated it with 3.8.3.

    Now I still have some of the categories checked and the option ‘Show selected categories only’ checked, but I get ALL the categories in sidebars (seems like check marks are ignored); also ‘Show post counts’ and ‘Show RSS Feed’ are unchecked though now are showing.

    Is it possible to get everything back? Or should I restore from back-up now?


    Great plugin though! Fully corresponds my needs!


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  • Here the same… I went back to the earlier version and everything is ok again.

    Same here. 3.8.2 works. 3.8.3 does not

    Me, too.

    Hi Guys

    Just updated my plugin and now my website is a complete mess. Same problems as above. RSS, post count and unchecked categories showing.

    Pending a fix how do I reload the previous version?


    To: Clenztld

    If you have a backup, just copy the files from:




    Ok – will try that. Thanks.

    I only have a .gz file backed up that I can’t open.

    Have tried to do this using Filezilla – not sure what to do without reloading my whle website and losing all the latest changes.


    Just noticed 3.8.4 is available and has fixed the bug.


    Plugin Author petervanderdoes


    My apologies.

    This is fixed in 3.8.4 that I just released.


    Still the same problem, even after upgrading to 3.8.4…

    Thank you, Peter, 3.8.4 is much better now.

    Check marks work, but not completely: if I enable ‘Show selected categories only’ and ‘Hide empty categories’, even non-empty categories are hidden (though one of them appears – I don’t understand why this specific category is shown, while others are hidden).

    If ‘Hide empty categories’ is disabled, ‘Show selected categories only’ check-mark works properly.

    Thanks again!


    Plugin Author petervanderdoes


    @ngootkina Weird cause on my local machine it works as it’s supposed to.
    What other checkmarks have you set?

    @fredwier Which widget do you have a problem with? What’s the WordPress version? I see that your runs WordPress < 3.6 or is it a different site you have problems with?

    Check marks set:
    Show selected categories only
    Hide empty categories

    Other settings:
    How many levels to show – All levels/Toplevel only (doesn’t matter, behaves the same in both cases)
    Sort by: ID
    sort order: Ascending
    Display style: list

    It seems to me, the matter is with categories/subcategories.

    On left sidebar I have just categories to show, they are fine while checking ‘Hide empty categories’; but on right sidebar I have parent categories which hold subcategories. Some of these parent categories are empty. When I use check mark ‘Hide empty categories’, only one category stays, though there are more non-empty parent categories.


    I have my plugin checked to “Show selected categories only” and not checked to “Hide empty categories” as I don’t have any empty categories. It works fine.

    Maybe if you don’t have any empty categories this could be a workaround for you?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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